Benefits of Vitamin D and Why It Means Serious Protection for Our Family’s Health

The Sunshine Vitamin, its benefits, and why Vitamin D is crucial to our family’s overall health.

We grow up learning about Vitamin D as the Sunshine Vitamin. Vitamin D is naturally produced in our bodies in response to sunlight exposure. But we also get Vitamin D through specific food and supplements. But did you know that 7 out 10 Filipinos are Vitamin D deficient? This is why supplementation is essential, to make sure our family’s health is sufficiently supported.


Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Helps the Body to Fight Disease

In the recent years, Vitamin D has gone beyond just fighting the occurrence of osteoporosis, and promote stronger bones and teeth. One of the holistic heath practitioners our family has been following through the years is Dr. Mercola mentioned that Vitamin D prevents infections and slashes cancer risk. It was also mentioned that older people who take high-dose of Vitamin D supplements have 40% less likelihood of acquiring respiratory diseases.

Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms And Diseases

Aids Weight Loss

A study done in Cambridge University cites that people who took Calcium and Vitamin D supplementation lost more weight as opposed to the group who were given placebo. The scientists concluded that Calcium and Vitamin D had an appetite-suppressing effect.

Healthy Pregnancy

Medical News Today said that pregnant mothers who have Vitamin D deficiency are at greater risk to gestational diabetes, bacterial vaginosis, develop preeclampsia and give birth via c-section. But it also important to note that excessive Vitamin D in the mother’s diet was also associated with an increase chance of food allergy for the baby during the first two years.

Why Do We Need Vit D

Growth and Development for Infant and Children

Vitamin D in growing kids are especially crucial as it aids in the growth and development of their teeth and bones, as well as to protect against infection, and boost their immunity.


Vitamin D Supplementation

With the incidence of Vitamin D deficiency, being 7 out of 10 in the Philippines alone, I cannot help but pray that our family does not belong to the statistics. Aside from making sure we keep a healthy and balanced diet, we also make sure we have Vitamin D3 supplement.

Forti D Vitamin D

Forti-D by Unilab

Unlike a lot of other Vitamin D supplements we’ve had before, Forti-D comes in 800IU – a single capsule is sufficient for daily dose.  “Seryosong Proteksyon, Simulan Ngayon!”  is Forti-D’s brand tagline, which is only apt for its crucial role in our overall health.




Benefits of Vitamin D and Why It Means Serious Protection for Our Family’s Health

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