Our First 5K Run Together at the 10th Fit & Fun Wellness #BuddyRun

Two months ago, I would not have thought it was possible for me to go on a leisure run, let alone an official one like the 10th Fit & Fun Wellness Buddy Run the Parade Grounds of Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City.

buddy run shot by running photographers

Thank you, RunningPhotographers.com for this shot! 🙂

But lo and behold, I did over the weekend! Hard to believe after all those years of sedentary lifestyle. The hubby was gracious enough to never push me. Although he’s been athletic since he was a kid, it’s only recently that he started to run. Although I’ve been doing mostly push-ups and planking the last couple of years, I always felt overwhelmed with my daily schedule, that I find squeezing in a regular, more-intense-than-mere-planking kind of workout was out of the question. That excuse flew out the window on my first runner’s high on the last Sunday of May.

Without a single plan of doing an official run, I was set to outdo my record. I feel so much stronger now that I’m 40 than I ever was. I’ve always been sickly growing up,  don’t let me get started on that cancer scare when I was 19 years old. That’s 21 years back.  Two of the reasons I’ve become a self-professed bio-hacker, passionate over organic and eating healthy. So for those who’ve judged me for not taking soda since I was in college, those are just two of my reasons. Please bear with me. 🙂

runtastic run history

My runtastic run history

I ate my words! Gulp!

From when Jeff started regularly running on the treadmill December last year, till he transition to outdoor runs in March, I swore I was never taking that running route. I surmised, I was perfectly fine with my regular planks, push-ups and squats. I will gladly cheer the hubby on for as long as he wants to run. Then out of the blue, on May 28, I was  led to accompany Jeff at the Sports Center on his practice run. I believe it was the Holy Spirit’s leading to console my husband that day. Because it was just not me to want to run just because. Jeff was not very cheery that weekend, since his accountability partner/good friend Larry, his best man on our renewal of vows wedding, left to work abroad.

And off I ran!

No plans to run 3kms that day, but I did! I think those trivial planks, push-ups, and squats got me ready for this. At one point, after a 5km run within the Marikina Sports Center, I was pleasantly surprised that I was not as tired. I even managed to do 20 push-ups, 15 tricep dips after the run. While that’s hardly a feat to a lot of people who’ve been active forever, I was no less than amazed at what my body is able to do. I was encouraged and deeply motivated.

It has been hard for me since to go through the day without working out. The sluggish feeling – I don’t want to get used to ever again. I now vary my workouts with a 10 minute intense cardio, 20 minute pilates, and an insanity workout session. I have gotten to the point that Hip Hop Abs has become too slow, and low impact for me! Can you imagine! I still can’t, and I love that I’ve finally jump started this lifestyle that I feel in my bones I’m going to sustain doing for as long as my earthly body can!

buddy run shot by bicolano runner


First official run with my buddy

The 10th Fit & Fun Buddy Run is in line with Robinsons Supermarket’s wellness campaign to continuously encourage more people to choose and live healthier lifestyles. It gave the opportunity to partner with friends and family, and run together towards the finish line. This run is especially memorable for Jeff and me, even as it was our first ever official run together.

Coaches Jim and Toni Saret prepped-up the runners with a short work-out and invited them to register on-site for the Fit Filipino 1 Million Pounds National Weight Loss Challenge, the biggest on-ground and online wellness program in the country which aims to encourage everyone to pledge and lose weight.

The 10th Fit & Fun Buddy Run

The Fun Run is just one of the programs this July. Robinsons Supermarket is also giving away Healthy You snack platters for a minimum purchase of  P3,000 inclusive of P500 worth of participating items of the Wellness Festival.

Hosted by volleyball superstar and TV personality, Gretchen Ho, the event also featured exciting booths with lots of freebies from Nestle Philippines, Johnson & Johnson, Fonterra, Unilab and Wyeth Nutrition, Unilever, International Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (IPI), Procter & Gamble, Abbott Nutrition, Getz Bros, Ecossential, Del Monte, Foodsphere Inc., and Philusa.

Robinsons Supermarket’s presses on their commitment to providing Filipinos with delicious and healthy food options and alternatives. Check out Robinsons Supermarket on Facebook  or  www.robinsons-supermarket.com.ph for updates on their wellness campaigns.

Our First 5K Run Together at the 10th Fit & Fun Wellness #BuddyRun

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