Smart Tips to Find the Best Deal for Your Next Manila Staycation

When you live in the metro, chances are, you’re like us, caught up in the hustle and bustle of your daily grind. We would if we could – arrange excursions, book airfares, and organize itineraries, on a whim.

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We do have a scheduled getaway like that on the third quarter of the year, which we totally look forward to.  But as much as we love to do it more often, there are responsibilities that prevent us to fly whenever we fancy. But an overnight staycation getaway within the metro is something our family looks forward to just as much.

1. Staycation within Manila on a Holiday

While a trip to Tagaytay, or somewhere up north can be enticing, to spare our family from enduring the crazy congestion either along SLEX or NLEX during holidays, is often best. We try not to get caught up in it, if we can at all help it. Either we leave in the wee hour of the morning, or better yet, a staycation within Manila, which makes perfect sense to us.

To feel rejuvenated and relaxed being our goal, staying within the city sometimes is our best option. It takes away the hassle of having to drive too far away. We’d rather spend that time lounging by the hotel pool, or just chatting away as we enjoy a hearty buffet. We get to put up with the regular horrendous traffic week in and week out, to seemingly have Manila all to yourself, has got to be one of the best deals right there.

2. Book Your Manila Staycation with Traveloka


Any prudent mom would want to get the best deal for their family’s getaways. I’ve been at this every single time we get our itinerary set. I make sure we book all our getaways at the cheapest price possible.  Bang for our buck!

This is where Traveloka comes in handy. I love that its interface is easy to navigate. Its dashboard displays straightaway its features: Flights, Hotels, International Flights, International Hotels, Price Alerts, and Ongoing Promos.

Using the Traveloka App on your mobile to find the best deal for your next Manila staycation is super easy. From the dashboard, simply tap on the “hotels” icon. It will lead you to the above screenshot. Click “Manila.” Choose accordingly your dates, number of guests, and number of rooms you are going to book.

Check out how much cheaper it is to book with Traveloka App, around 25% less than the rack rate for Bayview Park and Hotel Manila.

One of our recent quick Manila getaways was in Bayview Park and Hotel Manila during the “Araw ng Kagitingan” (Day of Valor) holiday last April 9, commemorating heroes from days past.

#staycation with mi familia ❤

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smart tips manila staycation bayview park and hotel pool

Enjoying the pool of Bayview Park Hotel Manila

Exhibit A: And because almost everyone is out of town, one of the many perks of a Manila staycation on a national holiday is the hotel facilities being less crowded. We aren’t actually alone here during our morning dip, there’s another family behind us enjoying the pool as well. Love it!

3. Consider the Distance

Let’s face it, it may not always be a holiday when you need to find the best deal for your next Manila staycation. For instance, when we had our 15th renewal of vows wedding last December 8, 2016. It was a Thursday.

richmonde hotel wedding

The ceremony was held in Marquinton Clubhouse in Marikina. We initially hoped to book with Richmonde Hotel Eastwood, but it was full on our dates. Fortunately, Richmonde Hotel Ortigas was not. Although it was not as close as Eastwood, it was still considerably closer than the other hotels of the same caliber in farther Manila.

aspacio family richmonde hotel

Pre-wedding photo shoot with my boys at Richmonde Hotel Ortigas

legaspi girls at the richmonde hotel

With my ever gorgeous mom, and my baby sister, who stood as one of my matrons of honor

Knowing all too well how unforgiving Metro Manila traffic can be, it is always wise to factor in the distance of the hotel to your event destination.


What I also love about The Traveloka App, aside from the discounted rate and their promos, is I get to take a peek at what the hotel has to offer – its facilities, if shuttle service is available, and other hotel services in one sweep. A whole lot easier than navigating the hotel’s website, for the most part.












I also get to view actual reviews from guests themselves. No surprises!

An even greater news is that Traveloka isn’t limited to Manila hotel staycations. I am actually looking into checking out Traveloka for our flight to Davao, in the event that my father-in-law’s farm house isn’t yet ready for lodging. It’s always wise to compare alongside other booking sites for the best deal.


Smart Tips to Find the Best Deal for Your Next Manila Staycation

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