Chevron Launches Visa payWave and “Drive Away a Millionaire” Promo

The convenience of  Visa payWave with the launch of Chevron’s partnership with Visa, and the chance to “Drive Away a Millionaire” whenever you gas up.

Our family gases up at least once a week. This allows us to save time, instead of fueling up every time we drive. Anything that introduces convenience, we take interest in. Yes, we have got to offset things, with the horrendous metro traffic considered.

So when Caltex launched its Via payWave and “Drive Away a Millionaire” promo recently, I was all ears. Visa payWave means contactless payment technlogy – we literally just have to wave our card infront of the card terminal and that’s it! No swiping, no pausing to sign. Spelling out convenience like we all want it. I can just drive away as soon as transaction is done.

Visa Country Manager Mr. Stuart Tomlinson said, “As the global payments leader, Visa always wants to reduce friction in the payment process. We are excited to partner with Chevron Philippines once again to bring seamless customer experience to motorists. Visa payWave is much quicker, more secure and more convenient than cash.”

caltex drive away a millionaire promo

Drive Away a Millionaire Promo

Chevron’s partnership with Visa, was kicked off with the “Drive Away a Millionaire” promo starting April 21, 2017 to July 31, 2017. Visa cardholders using Visa payWave to purchase any Caltex fuel (Platinum with Techron, Silver with Techron and Diesel with Techron) at participating stations will get the chance to win Visa card credit worth P1 million! Three lucky motorists will also receive 1-year Starcash worth P100, 000.

Each Caltex fuel-up using Visa payWave will entitle motorists to three (3) raffle entries for every P500 payment increment. Meanwhile, each Visa contact transaction is equivalent to one (1) raffle entry.

Motorists gassing up at Caltex can also get an instant prize of P50 discount to be deducted outright from their fuel purchase.

Why Caltex?

I admit, we seldom fuel up with Caltex, but after learning about Caltex with Techron containing the new Clean & Glide, a technology that lessens friction, which reduces the wear and tear between key engine components, providing enhanced engine protection – I am leaning towards considering since I’m all for fuel economy, and the durability of our engine. I initially never thought driving would mean considering these too. But because I don’t just drive, but also am responsible for managing the family finances, I have to make sure I’ve got everything covered.

Chevron Launches Visa payWave and “Drive Away a Millionaire” Promo

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