Father and Son Playing the Drums

Our family gleefully welcomed the new year with a lot of drum rolling. My husband has been playing the drums for so long, and have also trained the basics to students he had some decade ago.

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I am so loving that my son has taken after his father, not just the ear for music, but also the love of playing the drums. He tried studying how to play the guitar, knows the basic but I haven’t seen him so excited like he is with this Alesis drum kit. We are so excited as he will soon be trained by the best, Master Given of El Acustico & RGB Lights and Sounds

Jed is also currently enrolled in Center for Pop Music Philippines and will have his voice recital in May. He is rehearsing two songs: Justin Timerlake’s “Can’t Stop the Feeling” and U2’s “California (There is No End to Love).

It would be nice to get a quality video/audio recorder for that purpose. As you can see my mobile phone just won’t cut it. I used my Samsung S7 on both the above video and that of Jeff’s below. A good choice would be zoom q4 at guitarcenter.com.

Jeff blows off steam or shakes off the stresses of the day by playing drums. I love seeing that after a two songs or three, he is better able to relax. Music does wonders to our bodies and may usher in healing. For this reason, I’ll continue to encourage them to roll away, and rock on! 🙂

Father and Son Playing the Drums

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  • April 11, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    We are so excited for Jed!!! ???


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