Another Wedding to Remember #MrAndMrsPulga

I’ve been doing weddings close to 20 years now and I cannot imagine myself not being in this industry. Although I’m no longer as active as I was before, I can still get into my wedding coordinator stance any time of the day, like second skin. Whether I’m hired professionally by a client or I’m doing it pro bono, for a dear friend, it never grows old on me. I still shed a tear or two when I witness my bride walk down that aisle.

While the rest of the guests were inside the church waiting on the beautiful bride, I stood witness behind this closed door during this sweet moment of anticipation. Such an honor, especially since I have grown to love Iris over the years. We go back 2005, I believe – when my platform for blogging was the now defunct, “Multiply.”

Grasyas at #MrAndMrsPulga

The Grasyas at #MrAndMrsPulga’s Wedding

at #MrAndMrsPulga

And because we homeschool, I had to bring my son to Tagaytay with me as we prepared for the wedding. More than the wedding itself, the preparation is what takes up the bulk of worries and logistics.

I super love the rustic feel of this wedding. It was laid back, solemn, and very heartfelt. I know I am biased, but the fact remains that as our bride said so herself, it want not merely their affair, but they share it with their family and friends. The DIY bride was so hands-on yet her heart totally depended on the Lord’s every day graces.

Such beautiful rustic wedding reminds me how vintage jewellery from go so well with this theme. with Elizabeth’s Place as the perfect back drop for its venue. With any other event, especially so when it’s a wedding, preparation is always crucial. But as my constant encouragement to my brides – as difficult as it may seem, make sure to enjoy the wedding preparations.

Another Wedding to Remember #MrAndMrsPulga

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