Coming Soon: Home Repair

Summer is here and we are all set for the needed home repair project to jump start.

Oh the many woes of a homemaker! The consequences of the challenges that we had during the home expansion project back in 2013 are showing their ugly teeth through the random leaks all over the house. Aside from the project not being completed per contract, the workers being ripped off and not paid by the contractor (we found out too late), we also learned that our firewall was not treated with any waterproofing solution.

This is something we are shooting to get our hands on very soon, especially since summer is fast approaching. It was impossible to work through the problem during the rainy season.


Kitchen Makeover
red acrylic splashback simplyplastics

The kitchen area is one of the leaky spots around the house. Aside from the kitchen being on the side where the firewall is,  it has been in dire need of a makeover. Typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) has messed up the cabinets and cupboards.  Yep, it’s that long overdue! 

I’m kind of loving the coloured acrylic splashback by Simply Plastics. In case we’ll move forward with the kitchen makeover, I’m hoping to have it in the vibrant and cool color of the year, green.

Pre-teen’s Room Ceiling

Jed's room

Aside from the kitchen, our son’s room has earned the rage of our home expansion’s poor handiwork. The ceiling planks have warped into crazy arches. Our son will have to squat in our room for a while when repair starts.

In case we’ll be off the radar soon, you’ll know what we’re going to be busy with. 🙂


Coming Soon: Home Repair

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