Who’s Ready to Experience Mars? #CountdownToMars #AreYouReady

Life on Mars, is it at all possible?

My son and I recently watched “Before Mars,” a prologue of National Geographic’s Mini-Series, “Experience Mars.” The latter is currently on-air since November 13. Our 11 year old hasn’t since stopped talking about the series on the first human mission to colonize the red planet, Mars, which is set in 2033.

Before Mars

“Before Mars” is the crucial, dramatic back story of Hana & Joon Seung, protagonists in the mini-series, “Mars.”
In the film, the twin sisters Hana and Joon will learn a lesson or two on the meaning of “home.”

As soon as my son and I were done with “Before Mars,” our 11 year old’s mind was piqued in the fantastic idea of human colonizing and migrating to the red planet.  Our son’s interest in everything inter-stellar jump started when he went about leafing through his “Science Library” volumes, when he was around 5 years old. He would endlessly talk about black holes and how the Betelguese in the constellation Orion is a lot bigger  than the sun and all those geeky things, I can only try to learn from his endless babbling. I remember being in complete awe of the 6-year old that was talking Greek to me over massive inter-stellar, galactic things.


Image Credit: Wikimedia

Imagine this little man’s delight over this close-to-reality human mission of colonizing Mars! So he continued on as he watched episode after episode. He was all the more fascinated towards Episode 4, when a third team came in, whose primary role is to take care of the greenhouse where hybrid plants are nurtured. He found this somehow relatable to the Juvenile Sci-Fi book he published on Amazon when he was 10 years old, “The Chronicles of the Plantoids: The Great Revival.”

Mars on National Geographic Channel

Airing on the National Geographic Channel, MARS’ suspenseful story of the first manned mission to Mars will be revealed in one-hour episodes over the next six weeks. The inspiring tale is told from the vantage point of a fictitious crew traveling to Mars and settling up its first colony in the year 2033. As the astronauts explore the astonishing wonders of Mars and grapple with unexpected challenges, the television audience will hear interviews with some of the most fascinating people on Earth, including astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson and business magnate and inventor Elon Musk.


As we investigated further, we are amazed at the live stream of live feeds from Mars. Whoa! Don’t just take our word for it, check www.makemarshome.comand see for yourselves.


For more on the the show’s information, head on over to mars.natgeotv.com/ph.

Daedalus Crew


The first ship sent to Mars was the Daedalus Crew, composed of an international coalition of Earth’s best scientists. Crew members include: Marta Kamen from Russia, a Geologist and an Exobiologist, Javier Delgado from Spain, Hydrologist and Geochemist, Hana Seung from America, Mission Pilot and Software Engineer, Ben Sawyer from America, Mission Commander and Systems Engineer, Emelie Durand from France, a Mission Physician and Biochemist, and Foucault from Nigeria, Mechanical Engineer and Roboticist.


Our son was so thrilled about this whole Mars colonizing thing, that he signed up and got his Mars ID. ID No. 91047793. You can have yours at www.experiencemars.com.

A quick Mother and Son Convo on the likelihood of embracing life on Mars

I knew I should’ve recorded a video of him on the day he first learned about National Geographic’s mini-series on Mars, it was hard to stop him from babbling over things about Mars, when his fascination over living on another planet was yet all over the place. He was all ears as he listened to the interviews that National Geographic conducted with real engineers and NASA scientists. Sharing here a clip of the conversation we had this morning on living on planet Mars.

Tune in to the MARS Global Event Series every Thursday at 9:00PM on the National Geographic Channel and follow the first human mission to the red planet, with its cinema-quality and futuristic drama,  complete with documentary sequences featuring current space-innovations.


Who’s Ready to Experience Mars? #CountdownToMars #AreYouReady

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