Organic Agriculture Eastern Visayas Farm Tour: Getting to Know OMRO and Tree Growing Activity at Mike Pedroso Farms

Situated in Km.739 Diversion Highway in Sitio Osog, Carayman, Calbayog, Samar, is the farm of Eng’r. Miguel Pedroso – Mike Pedroso Farms.

The farm was first in line to our Organic Agriculture Eastern Visayas Farm Tour that the Agricultural Training Institute organized early this month.

It was during our visit to Mike Pedroso Farms that we were introduced to OMRO (Organikong Magsasaka ng Rehiyong Otso). I have nothing but total respect for Mike Pedroso and the other farmers who have put their hearts to champion the kind of farming as it was designed by nature – organic.

mike pedroso farms

Mike Pedros Farms was very recently established – February 2016

Incidentally, OMRO was also celebrating its first year since it was founded. The group that initially started out to help farmers – the preparations it entails and to aid them through the challenges of transition to organic farming. OMRO has since expanded and is even deeper in its advocacy to champion organic farming.


Organikong Magsasaka ng Rehiyong Otso (OMRO) Members


It was when the Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) Region VIII saw the prospect of organic farming being widespread that they brought organic farmers to learn more about agriculture practices. This was when Knowlege Inputs Technology Sharing (KITS) Learning Journey was born. Through KITS Journey, members of OMRO pass on the gift (alay) of teaching organic agriculture to their fellow farmers within Region VIII. When OMRO does Lakbay Alay, they survey the farm that they help – check the soil, crops for any agricultural disease and give pointers on how to improve farming through biofertilizers and the use of African night crawler for vermicomposting.

Tree Growing Activity at Mike Pedroso Farms

Tree Growing Activity

As opposed to the otherwise used up term of “tree planting” activity that a lot of brands use these days, OMRO introduced to us Organic Agriculture bloggers, “tree growing” as they assisted us themselves and explained that more than just tree planting, tree growing is the sustainable kind, where the owner can monitor the plant every time whoever plants visits. This way, there is a more profound sense of ownership, much like a tree with your name on it. OMRO members encouraged us to come back and check out the trees that we have planted.

After the tree growing activity, local farmers shared within themselves more knowledge on organic farming. They also shared the challenges (e.g. lack of fertilizers, and water supply) that they face and resolutions as they altogether hold a united front towards pushing the sustainability of organic farming.

OMRO Lakbay Alay

The Mike Pedroso Farms tour especially impacted me as it was my first time to see farmers working together, dedicated on making organic agriculture work. There was unity and the intention to help out fellow farmers to successfully transition to organic farming was evident and it further encourages more farmers to join.

I love the Lakbay Alay concept where farmers are geared towards giving to fellow farmers. In this “what’s in it for me” culture that we are for the most part in, the selfless act of giving and, willingness to offer for the betterment of a fellow farmer is not something we see everyday. Thank you, ATI Eastern Visayas for being one with Region VIII farmers on this.

Eng'r. Mike Pedroso

Eng’r. Miguel Pedroso

Kudos to OMRO members as we saw the authentic passion of reaching out to farmers who aren’t there (organic) yet and the willingness to teach the nitty gritty of organic farming. The dedication of the members, as they keep at it will make the difference in Eastern Visayas becoming the leading region to champion Organic Agriculture.


Organic Agriculture Eastern Visayas Farm Tour: Getting to Know OMRO and Tree Growing Activity at Mike Pedroso Farms

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  • November 28, 2016 at 11:43 pm

    Like you, I was inspired by the genuine passion and dedication of OMRO to making a difference in their fellow farmers’ lives. I hope organic farmers from other regions would replicate this worthwhile advocacy 🙂


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