First Circle: Business Lending Made Simple

According to a recent article from Business Inquirer, Philippines is currently leading and is tagged as the fastest growing economy in Asia. This was also the same reason, Patrick Lynch, First Circle President/CEO shared why they chose the Philippines to invest in. First Circle points to the fact that the Philippine economy is growing at a 6% annual rate.

What is First Circle?

First Circle is the first digital SME financing company in South East Asia. Creating powerful technology enables them to bring together the best businesses. They do this through a simple online account, advanced data analytics, dedicated customer success representatives, and a community of business owners complete with a host of useful resources.
First Circle exists to radically improve the course of opportunity for SMEs across South East Asia; to help business owners achieve growth that surpasses what they once believed possible; to expand their First Circle beyond their family and friends.
SMEs contribute about 99% of economic growth int he Philippines yet access to finance still remains to be the biggest hurdle for them. The age-old issue is the impetus behind why First Circle was built. The growth-finance company aims to give small businesses the chance to compete, enabling them by providing easy access to finance.

First Circle Tony Ennis, CTO . Patrick Lynch, President & CEO. Timothy Glynn, CFO

First Circle Tony Ennis, CTO . Patrick Lynch, President & CEO. Timothy Glynn, CFO

The nature of the business solution-suite of First Circle is highly agile, recognizing that one of the pain-points of SME growth was a speedy delivery of operations. Patrick Lynch, President & CEO shared, “We realized what we needed to do in order to empower small businesses was to reduce the amount of time it takes to open an account with us and also reduce the time it takes for them to avail of finance.” 

Requirements to avail of a loan?

  1. Audited financial statements
  2. Proof of sales
  3. Bank statements
  4. Business permit
  5. Government ID


  1. Complete online application
  2. Receive loan offer within 24 hours
  3. Instant fund transfer

First Circle mentioned that once they’ve financed a business once, they instantly approve refinancing. In fact, almost all of their existing clients refinance with them.

This gives a ray of hope for a lot of start up companies, like my husband’s I also love that more and more investors trust the Philippine economy enough to risk taking off on our soil. Tells a lot about where our growth as a country is going.

First Circle
Address: Unit 9B, Net Park, 5th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Landline: (02)795-2495
Mobile: 0995 302 1822 | 0920 822 4455

First Circle: Business Lending Made Simple

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