Organic Agriculture Farm Tour: Ato Belen’s Integrated Farm

Ato Belen’s Integrated Farm is our third organic farm stop during the “Exploring Organic Agriculture Practices in Southern Tagalog” tour.

Ato Belen’s Integrated Farm 

Put up in 1987, Ato Belen’s is a 1.2 hectare farm and was initially built as a plant nursery. It has since transformed to a fully integrated and diversified farm that is accredited as one of the learning sites of the Agricultural Training Institute.

Mr. Brian Belen, Mr. Renato’s “Ato” son, is currently now leading the farm’s development and promotion after being a corporate slave in one of the well-known pharmaceuticals in the country. Brian shared the farm’s vision to have no Filipino to go hungry ever again and their mission of promoting family-based and sustainable agribusiness enterprises as a vital tool for economic for economic empowerment.

We were toured around different sections of the farm and we were shown the farm’s  impressive zero waste management systems.

I cannot help but dream for my father-in-law’s farm in Davao. After seeing the four organic farms I’ve been to so far, it is indeed true that it is a feasible thing. We no longer have to stay dependent on feeds for poultry or have to chemically-drown our produce to bear fruits.

Amongst all the farms we visited, I have observed that Ato Belen’s has the most potted plants and trees. We later learned that one of their plans is to help drug surrenderees by getting them into “containarized gardening.” This kind of gardening is also perfect for us metro manila people who have little space to work with in our properties.

Ato Belen’s Integrated Farm is open for public for tours such as what we did within their farm premises. The highest number of visitors they had to date was in September 2016, where they accommodated around 900 people.

How to Get to Ato Belen’s Integrated Farm

Ato Belen's Map

Ato Belen’s Integrated Farm
Address: Bgy. San Juan, San Pablo, Laguna
Contact Nos. (049) 562.1215
Mobile: 0917.6761908

Organic Agriculture Farm Tour: Ato Belen’s Integrated Farm

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