Selecting the Dollar Amount that Fits Your Charity Budget

As charitable as you may be at heart, your budget may not match your good intentions. You may have to limit the amount of cash that you donate to organizations that provide goods like clothing, food, street pianos in New York, and other good causes.

You can make donating to your favorite charities easier when you are able to select the dollar amount that fits your budget. The pull down menu online allows you to select one of the denominations. You can also choose whether to make a one-time donation or contribute monthly.

Pull Down Menu Options

The ability to choose how much you donate each time can be convenient because your budget may always fluctuate. You may have more money to donate one month than you do another.

The website lets you choose the amount of money that you want to donate each time, starting from as much as $500 and then allowing you to choose a lesser amount if needed. You can also select a one-time donation amount or set it up for a monthly contribution. This monthly donation will then be taken out of your bank account automatically for you.

If you donating to the cause to honor someone special in your life, you can click on the button for making the donation in honor of that person. The contribution will bear the honoree’s name. This contribution could be ideal for remembering a loved one who has passed or to honor a friend or relative who deserves special recognition.

Once you choose the amount, you can then complete the rest of the form. Details like your name and address are requested. You can then submit the donation so that the group receives your contribution right away.

Donation FAQs

Depending on how much money you donate, you may have questions about whether or not it is tax deductible. You also may want to know if the group keeps your donation secure and if you can get a receipt for your tax records.

The website has an FAQ section directly to the right of the donation box. You can discover how to get a receipt, claim the amount on your taxes, and more by clicking on the highlighted questions.

Musical charities continue to need monetary donations. You can choose an amount that matches what you can afford by using the drop down menu online.

Selecting the Dollar Amount that Fits Your Charity Budget

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