Home Improvement Feature: Metalink Steel Plant Tour & Roofing Solution for the Home

It was in 2013 when we had our house extension project done. From a single-storey 48sqm house, we had it extended and renovated to a 111sqm. two-storey house, including the additional second-storey overhang of 63sqm.

The project birthed from our need to have an upper floor after that Ondoy devastation in 2009. House construction or renovation, for this matter, can be very pricey.

house renovation construction

Because we had limited budget to start with, we agreed that we can work with the same roof we used from the former single storey house.

house renovation

We were good. How bad can it get anyway, we thought. We were altogether clueless at the posing risks of reusing the same roofing and shingles.

house renovation

It didn’t look so bad, right?

home interior contruction

Yep, we were pretty hands on with the house renovation. Hubby designed the floor plan as he did with our former single-storey home. Looks spacious even for the limited floor area that we had to work with.

kids room

This is our son’s room. Took this shot around the time we were to move back in in 2013.

kid's room roofing problem ceiling leak

Because of the roofing problems that came with using the old roof and shingles, our son’s room has come to this sad state.

The initial plan was to diagnose where leakage problem is coming from as soon as the rainy days are over. But as we met with engineer friends and with the many write articles on the high risk of leakage when old roofs are reused, we are leaning towards getting our roof replaced altogether. Otherwise, we might just end up having the ceiling repaired and deal with the same problem all over again. Sigh! Nothing final yet but this is really where we’re headed.

metalink steel valenzuela plant

Just when we were deep into this homeowner woes mode, we were invited to Metalink Steel Plant. What are the odds! I love it when the Lord directs our paths and orchestrates our seemingly trivial daily concerns. Nothing is too trivial for Him, this is why I soaked this in as I learned more about roof than I ever had to learn when we had our house renovation done. That’s what happens when urgency strikes.

metalink plant tour

A day in a life of a homemaker visiting the Metalink Steel Plant in Meycauayan, Bulacan. 🙂

stone tile surface

Metalink StoneTile

What is Stone Coated Long Span Stone Tile?

It is during our Metalink Steel Plant Tour where I learned about Metalink StoneTile. It is the first and only Stone Coated Long Span roofing solution in the market. With the same lavish exterior as rustic European tiles but with the added advantage of being more cost efficient, lightweight and impenetrable than regular tiles.

stone tile baking

Stone Tile is precisely crafted by integrating one of the industry’s most sought after roofing profile, which is Euro Elegance Premiere by Metalink Steel.

metalink stone tiles

Including in the Processes that Stone Coated Long Span Stone Tile is subjected to:

  • raw material testing
  • roll-forming
  • application of adhesive and sand granules
  • oven baking
  • top coating
  • oven baking
  • finished product

metalink rivets installation before and after

Freshly installed rivet (left) and the rivet covered with granules that make the rivets look invisible when installed (right).

Aside from seeing for myself how Metalink Steel means business when they claim they offer the best quality roofs in the market, here are more reasons why I’m seriously looking into having a Stone Coated Long Span roof in place of our current leaky roof.

quality assurance tests for metalink stone tile

Quality Assurance Tests

  • Accelerated Weathering Test / UV Test
  • Impact Resistance Test
  • Pencil Hardness Test
  • Salt Spray Test
  • Cross Hatch Test
  • T-Bend Test

Stone Tile Key Features and Benefits:

  • Easy installation
  • Superior sound insulation
  • Superior resistance against scratch and fading
  • Natural stone granules for luxurious appeal
  • Better resistance against corrosion
  • Leak proof with anti-capillary features
  • Sturdy structure that prevents deformation
  • Lightweight at mere 5.6kg/m2

Amongst the Growing Portfolio of Metalink Steel are the following:

  • Balesin Island – Alphaland
  • Camella Homes
  • University of Perpetual Help Las Pinas

How Much Does a Stone Tile Cost?

A Metalink Stone Coated Long Span is one of the most affordable yet considered technologically advanced stone-coated roof available in the market – with savings of up to 50% as compared to traditional stone-coated roofs.

If I were to turn back time and if my husband and I knew any better, we wouldn’t have scrimped on our roof cost when we were having our house renovated. While it is important to make sure the foundation is done right, the value of proper roofing requires serious attention as well.

For more information on Metalink Stone Coated Long Span Stone Tile, visit www.metalink.com.ph or follow Metalink Steel on Facebook.

Home Improvement Feature: Metalink Steel Plant Tour & Roofing Solution for the Home

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