Home Improvement Product Feature: HomTime

I don’t know about you, but a digital clock has always been a bedside non-negotiable for me for as long as I can remember. We’ve recently had ours retire because its function has become obsolete. Yes, it’s clock feature still works, but its dock has since been deemed without use. It was built for the now extinct iPhone 4. O devices, how quickly you go kaput!

I have recently discovered HomTime digital alarm clocks that is currently making waves as it continues to present innovative clock technology that fits different lifestyles.

Classy and Solid Design

As I add accent in my home, I make sure that it adds an element that will complement our room’s overall look. I love Homtime’s sleek design, and as compact as it is, it managed to pack in itself features that are practically all in.

With Homtime’s sleek and compact design, one could do more with its packed features. More than just simply displaying time, one could check temperature, charge multiple devices at once, and play music through its Bluetooth speakers with Homtime’s topnotch and one-touch features of which exude quality and bespoke comfort.

Homtime can handle more than one device as it features USB dual-port with smart charging function – 5V3A for smartphones and tablets. Simply plug, play, and sleep as users will no longer worry about rushing out of house with an empty battery.

Moreover, one of its simple ingenious specifications is its rotary dial that users can simply tap and touch to enable and disable the alarm. Simply turn and set, the dial could be used to adjust the brightness of the clock’s display during the night, for a seamless, uninterrupted sleep.

Allowing user’s personal touch and customization, Homtime bedside clocks also lets its user set an alarm using their favorite tunes through its MicroSD card slot. No more jarring and harsh tones, users can wake up to their favorite music and start the day with a smile with Homtime’s revolutionized bedside alarm clocks.

Superior Quality at Affordable Prices

What I love technological innovation these days is that we are given this wide array of choices. Quality no longer translates to expensive products.

Homtime showcases a variety of lifestyle devices ranging from products that are quality and affordable, up to high-end/premium devices that are also available at a budget-friendly price as compared to its counterparts.Users can choose to wake up into a brand new definition and experience with C1 Pro that is a Bluetooth alarm clock speaker with dual USB charger for only Php2,199. They can also experience the simple and smart design of C1, a digital alarm clock with dual USB charger with the price of Php1,699.

Enlighten one’s bedroom’s mood with wood-made M9 Bluetooth alarm clock and speaker box for only Php 3, 499. Available also at Php3, 499, users can score their very own C12 genuine bedside speaker which is a perfect alarm clock, radio speaker for Apple devices. Upgrading into a more suitable and powerful device, users can have their first dibs on C12Pro for the price of Php4, 399. And for those who are seeking a more exquisite and premium experience on bedside clock technology, B11 Pro is the perfect bedside companion at Php4, 999. Homtime products have a oneyear warranty upon purchase.

Not your ordinary bedside clock (MFI Apple-licensed)

Veering away from the usual bedside clocks, Homtime products can also be used as speakers. It can be paired with any Bluetooth electronics to project audio through its builtin bass speakers, ranging from mono to dual ones.

It also has a dock station which is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad seeing that its products are MFI (Apple licensed), EC and FCC certified. Simply dock the Apple device and it will automatically sync in the time and personal music play lists. It can also cater to any Android devices through USB cables that can be plugged into its ports and from there, users can play their favorite tunes or listen to an audio book while tucking themselves in bed.

I love that like a lot of Homtime’s luxurious partner hotels, we can enjoy the same luxury and convenience at the comfort of our own abode.

Homtime Partner Hotels include:

  • Crowne Plaza (Australia)
  • Sofitel (Australia)
  • Radisson (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Hilton Hotels & Resorts and Westin Hotels & Resort (New York, USA); MERCUR (Europe)
  • Holiday Inn (Turkey)
  • Holiday Inn Express (USA)
  • Pullman Hotels & Resorts (Europe, Australia and China)
  • ROSEDALE and GDH (Hong Kong)
  • Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts (both in Singapore and Shanghai)
  • Le MERIDIN She Shan Shanghai
  • KEMPINSKI, M Oriental Ginza
  • JW Marriott Hangzhou
  • Yue and Hotel Nikko Xiamen (China).

Starting October, Homtime products will be available in the Philippines through lazada.com.ph or directly from Homtime Philippines with office address located at: 901 Apacible cor. Leon Guinto Sts. Ermita, Malate, Manila.

For more information on Homtime products, visit www.homtime.com or follow Homtime on Facebook and Instagram.

Home Improvement Product Feature: HomTime

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