Considering Uncotentested Divorce?

Most people use an uncontested divorce TX to end their marriage. As an inexpensive and simple solution, you and your spouse have a chance to end the union with dignity. Of course, this is not for everybody. However, it is often right for more couples than many tend to believe.

Advantages to Getting an Uncontested Divorce

A primary benefit of getting an uncontested divorce is the money you can save. Even if you decide to hire legal representation, the streamlined procedure reduces lower costs for the court and attorney bills. Additionally, an uncontested divorce gets resolved quicker than one that is contested. There are fewer proceedings and wrangling. You and your ex can move on more quickly with your lives. Few divorces end without some level of conflict.

However, an uncontested divorce can lower the extent of conflict between two people who are parting. If for no other reason, there are fewer opportunities for conflict to arise. There are fewer demands going back and forth, and rare moments spent trying to resolve elements of the divorce on which the two of you disagree. Typically, details of a divorce proceeding are open to the public. This includes personal allegations and financial information. With an uncontested divorce, less information is filed with the court to end up in a public record.

What Happens When Minor Children or Significant Assets are Involved?

Generally, having minor children or a large amount of assets will not keep you from filing for an uncontested divorce. The primary difference from a contested divorce is you and your soon-to-be ex has agreed on everything. This includes custody and financial support for the children, and how marital assets will be divided. Even one or two minor disagreements may not prevent you from pursuing an uncontested divorce.

However, negotiating until you reach an agreement is necessary to avoid a contested battle in court. Perhaps you could choose a mediator to help with resolving differences, or negotiate through attorneys.When both members in a marriage agree to divorce, an uncontested filing can save a tremendous amount of time and money. More complicated divorces often fall outside uncontested parameters, but might still be resolved through this simple procedure. Focus on agreeing to the big issues such as child custody and support, spousal support and property distribution. If you and your spouse can accomplish this amicably, there is no reason not to pursue a less stressful route to beginning a new life.

Considering Uncotentested Divorce?

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