MLQU is Home

Coinciding the 138th birthday celebration of Manuel L. Quezon, was the symbolic move of Manuel L. Quezon University’s (MLQU) unveiling of the late president’s portrait by National Artist Fernando Amorsolo during the event aptly called, “Quezon is Home.”

Manuel L. Quezon by Fernando Amorsolo

With the success of the Manuel L. Quezon University’s achievement in its recent law enrollment rate, the celebration is made more meaningful  as the move was strategically set on the 138th birth anniversary of the late president and the citywide holiday Quezon Day celebration.

Quezon City officials joined in the celebration led by MLQU and New San Jose Builders’ chairman Dr. Jose Rizalino Azucar and MLQU president and NSJBI co-chairman Dr. Isaganl Germar. The event was held at the MLQU School for Professional Advancement and Continuing Education (MLQU SPACE) located near MRT- Kamuning Station in Quezon City.



MLQU QC Campus Expansion

Pioneering programs marks the QC expansion as partnership with the following distinguished groups are underway:

  • Chamber of Real Estate and Builders’ Associations, Inc. (CREBA)

  • Bloomberg and East West Educational Specialists, Co. Inc. (EWES)

  • American Concrete Institute (ACI) and Association  of Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ASEP)

Each institution is geared towards providing specific relevant courses. CREBA will provide MLQU students training modules to equip students with real estate law in relation to commercial, rental and private property.

Bloomberg and EWES are collaborating on a number of programs including:

  • Bloomberg EWES Certified Financial Markets Professional Program
  • Bloomberg EWES Faculty Development Programs
  • Bloomberg Professional Service Practicum Program (which includes internation trips exposures to inegrate the Bloomberg terminal application into EWES course curriculum)

MLQU’s partnership with ACI and ASEP is aimed towards the development of both students and professionals’ knowledge and practice in structural engineering. The American Concrete Institute ACI, being in the Philippines since 1995, advocates for concrete quality and the standardization of the concrete industry. ASEP, on the other hand, as the respected authority when it comes to structural engineering, is gearing towards imparting the actual applied practice in the industry to do the actual design and how to use the proper tools (software) in the design.

Above is the short video clip I came up with during the “MLQU is Home” event

New San Jose Builders, Inc. (NSJBI) Supports MLQU


Since NSJBI has acquired ownership of MLQU in 2014, the integrated dream of helping Filipino students achieve their dreams through quality education has been their given drive and focus. NSJBI continues to upgrade the school’s facilities, they are in constant pursuit of expanding opportunities for the students. Including accessibility and conducive learning environment for MLQU students.

In 2015, MLQU opened the School for Professional Advancement and continuing Education (SPACE) in the Victoria Sports Tower along EDSA. Victoria Sports Tower boasts of 5 floors or a total of 34,180 sqm. of sports and social club features replete with the most advanced indoor sports complex, business amenities, wellness and fitness centers, residential facilities, and luxurious hotel-like lobby tailor-fit for sophisticated business appointments and meetings.

Timog Campus – soon to rise!

MLQU continues to expand as another campus will soon rise in Timog Avenue as it welcomes more college courses in the coming years.  For additional information, visit and follow MLQUofficial on Facebook.


MLQU is Home

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