AgeWell Club: Embrace Aging, Enjoy Living

Age well with AgeWell.

AgeWell Club is a support system spearheaded by Unilab that enables adults 50 years old and above to stay healthy, happy, and active through activities and solutions that promote physical, mental, emotional, and social well-being.

Age Well Club


AgeWell Club is the first of its kind here in the Philippines and we were only so keen to listen up even as we knew this was good news for our folks and loved ones.


Understanding Aging Parents

Dra. Cheridine Oro-Josef was very encouraging even as she thoroughly discussed the multi-faceted dynamics of Aging. Dra Cheridine is a Geriatric Doctor and an expert at what she discussed.


I heard from one of the podcasts I listened to that we are programmed to age as soon as we were born.


Aging Population is defined as a phenomenon that occurs when the median age of a country or region increases due to rising life expectancy and/or declining fertility rates.

The AgeWell Club fully understands aging and welcomes folks 50 years old and above how to Age Well – Healthy, Happy and Active. AgeWell Club serves like a support system in your goal to understand aging and everything that comes with it—the physical changes in your body, the emotional rollercoaster you feel at times, the desire to stay productive, the strange combination of worry and excitement for what lies ahead. AgeWell Club is essentially your buddy in your journey to aging well.

Today at @unilab: All About #AgingWell. Soon on the blog.

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Above is a short video clip on the AgeWell Bloggers Meet held at Unilab’s Bayanihan Center 

We all know someone who’s 50 and above, share the word on AgeWell Club as they will not only understand aging but learn how to thrive through.

Age Well Club Membership Perks:

  • You can attend interactive learning sessions on health, nutrition, fitness, and emotional wellness with content that are specifically relevant for adults like you.
  • You can avail of solutions that are customized to your unique health and wellness needs as a senior.
  • You can participate in experiential and recreational activities that allow you to experience new things, learn new skills, meet new friends, and create new memories.
  • You can enjoy deals and promos exclusive to club members.

With all these learning and experiences, you can stay healthy, happy, and active as you age.

How to Join AgeWell Club

  1. Simply fill out the AgeWell Membership Form.
  2. Pay the P 1,000 annual membership fee. This can be a one-time full payment or in batches of 3 amounts. The payment may be done through a bank deposit or by paying cash during one of the monthly learning sessions.
    Bank Deposit Details
    Bank: Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
    Checking Account Number: 0181045191
    Account Name: Unilab Active Health, Inc.
  3. Email the scanned copy or photo of your deposit slip to You may also give the deposit slip to an AgeWell representative in one of the monthly learning sessions.

Age Well lab fees

Benefits of Being AgeWell Club member:

  • Get the exclusive AgeWell Kit that contains your Club ID and limited edition AgeWell notebook
  • Attend monthly learning sessions on health awareness, nutrition, fitness, mental health, and emotional wellness for free.
  • Join recreational activities like field trips, heritage walks, cultural and food tours, and other fun activities either for free or at discounted rates.
  • Directly access health and wellness experts who understand your needs like geriatricians, nutritionists, fitness coaches, and family counselors.
  • Order AgeWell solutions and other Unilab products directly and have these delivered to your home.
  • Enjoy exclusive promos and deals from AgeWell and other Unilab brands.
  • First-to-try on any new AgeWell product or service.
  • Avail of 20% discount for medical house call, where a doctor can go to your house when you need one or when you want your laboratory tests done in the comforts of your own home.
  • Avail of an annual health check-up package customized to seniors for only P200

age well event for seniors

Incidentally, AgeWell is inviting 50 years old and above to the “Embrace Aging, Enjoy Living,” The Philippine Expo on Living Well this coming September 3 and 4, 2016 at Metrotent, Metrowalk, Ortigas, Pasig City. Pre-register by calling Heidy at 0917.8739442 or Jen at 0935.6841968.

Visit and follow AgeWellPhilippines on Facebook to learn more on AgeWell Club.

AgeWell Club: Embrace Aging, Enjoy Living

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