Fun at the #URCFlourishPilipinas #BakeitHappen Media Edition with My Mom

My Mom and I recently attended the launch of the URC’s Flourish Pilipinas: Bake It Happen National Baking Competition, media edition.


The logo of  the Flourish Pilipinas (What pun!) BAKE IT HAPPEN! Baking Competition 2016 

Flourish Pilipinas: Bake It Happen Media Edition


A picture of me and my mom taken by one of the Baking Competition coaches roaming around to help us and the other teams, and also on how to operate the mixer  that took up one-third of our table.


A picture of me at Table 10, with our cupcake ingredients (except the secret ingredient, of course!). Which in this case, is kiwi! A highly unlikely ingredient for cupcakes as, far as I know, but surprisingly worked so well. Not to mention it made our cupcakes more nutritious.


Our cupcake recipe!


Our team mini-flag to represent  our cupcakes (and also not to mix them up with the other team’s cupcakes!).  In the background is the URC Continental All-Purpose Flour, which we used in our cupcake batter.


Team 10’s not-so-neat cupcakes with the secret ingredient, kiwi, under it. I may have been a little to hasty in topping the cupcakes with sprinkles. But as mom said, what’s important is we were having fun and that. we did. 😀


A selfie with me holding our team flag and my mom holding our remaining three cupcakes.


I station-hopped and asked my titas how they’re doing and maybe have a taste of their frosting, just in case it tasted different. Haha!


The coaches who helped most of the competitors, including us. Thank you!


The assorted cupcakes of three different teams, two of them showing the secret ingredient, kiwi.


Two of our cupcakes join the fray. Did I mention that our cupcakes were submitted for judging as the second finisher?


The winner cupcake looks lovely with the secret ingredient, kiwi, that went well with the  frosting design. Yum!

Flourish Pilipinas baking competition

“We are very excited to once again seek out the most talented student bakers through the Flourish Pilipinas baking competition. With URC Flour brands that cater to every baking need, these future master bakers would surely be able to whip up some of the most fascinating creations to showcase their baking prowess,” said Ellison Lee, URC Flour VP and general manager.

Shortlisted teams will vie in the Flourish Pilipinas: Bake It Happen! Visayas/Mindanao and GMA/Luzon regional competitions. These will be held at the University of Mindanao in Davao City and Center for Culinary Arts in Manila, respectively. All finalists will be given a challenge and a surprise ingredient to use during the bake-off.

How to Join the Flourish Pilipinas: Bake It Happen Competition

To join the competition, Culinary Arts or Hotel and Management course students are encouraged to submit original recipes in the Breads or Cakes categories.

Baked creations should incorporate a non-functional ingredient and make use of any of the URC Flour brands such as Blend 100 Flour, Continental All-Purpose Flour (as shown above), Daisy Cake Flour, FibrA+ Whole Wheat Flour, Globe First-Class Flour, My Rose Soft Flour, and Sampaguita Soft Flour.

Sponsored by Yummy Magazine, Masflex Kitchenpro, Masflex Cookware and Kitchenware, Coco Natura, RM Boxes, KitchenAid, Actron Industries, Inc., and Sonlie International, Inc., Flourish Pilipinas: Bake It Happen! is a bake-off that celebrates unique and proudly Pinoy flour-based breads and pastries.

Flourish Pilipinas: Bake It Happen 2016 Prizes

Trophies, certificates, and more than P300,000 worth of prizes await the winners while regional grand champions will also receive internships with one of the country’s prestigious hotels, the Crowne Plaza Hotel and a feature in Yummy Magazine.

The complete contest details and mechanics as well as downloadable entry forms can be found on the Flourish Pilipinas 3 on Facebook.  Deadline for submission of entries is on September 30, 2016.

Fun at the #URCFlourishPilipinas #BakeitHappen Media Edition with My Mom

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