The Green Man, Matthias Gelber Speaks at Diana Stalder Clinic

Matthis Gelber, the Green Man speaks at the Diana Stalder Clinic.

Our family started inching towards going green when I got pregnant with my son in 2004. It was not easy, there was not a lot of “green” options in the market back then. Through the years we grew in our “going green” lifestyle. We aren’t fully green yet, because of a lot of things. Our dependence on our private vehicle, for one. That’s carbon footprint right there.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint is defined by Wikipedia as: “the total set of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an [individual, event, organisation, product] expressed as CO2e.”

the green manI am grateful to have attended an event held at the Diana Stalder skin clinic in Megamall recently and I was reminded of my resolve to help our environment every chance I possibly can.

The Greenman’s Guide to Green Living and Working

The Greenman, Matthias Gelber has a book entitled, “The Greenman’s Guide to Green Living and Working.” He shared a handful lot through his talk and I am made more aware of my everyday choices in my quest towards a “greener” lifestyle.

You can purchase, Matthias Gelber book through his website –

I was impressed that Diana Stalder has embraced this lifestyle as I saw how they have incorporated “green” in their dS Cafe, located inside the clinic. Not only did they host the Green Man, the event was also graced by Ms. Elearnor Rivera, founder of Healing Present Nature & Wellness Farm. Her juices are proven to be capable of detoxifying and restoring the body’s immune system health down to its cellular level. Now I know the reason why we haven’t yet decided on a place we will stay in Cebu when we fly there for our 20th anniversary.

Meanwhile, watch out for my feature post on the Diana Stalder clinic via the beauty blog, and another feature on the Healing Present Nature & Wellness Farm. Her concoction of healing juices will soon be part of dS Cafe and for that I am thrilled. Watch out for my upcoming posts on those features.


The Green Man, Matthias Gelber Speaks at Diana Stalder Clinic

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