Writing Workshop for Kids by Grace Chong at OMF Lit

Grace Chong is conducting a writing workshop for kids happening this coming June 4, 2016.

One of our son’s first devotional was authored by the award-winning Grace Chong. I have blogged about Super Devos in 2011 and our son was thrilled to read a comment coming from the author herself. We also got to meet her during the bloggers meet up at OMF in 2014. My son has since been introduced to devotionals by other authors, including Josh McDowell’s Youth Devotions.

Writing Workshop for kids by Grace Chong

Jed is looking forward to attend this Writing Workshop for Kids as he hopes to learn a thing or two (or more) as he works on the installment of the first book he published on Amazon last year. He was 10 years old then. We’re so proud of our son, especially when we read how the juvenile sci-fi book he alone conceptualized and wrote on his own was a page turned, even for adults who have read it. It’s fun reading his personality pop out every so often in the character of the protagonist.

Chronicles of the Plantoids by JZL Aspacio on Amazon


The Chronicles of the Plantoids: The Great Revival by J.Z.L. Aspacio


The Writing Workshop for Kids conducted by award-winning author Grace D. Chong is set on on June 4 at the OMF Lit Bookshop in Boni. To register, you only need to purchase P500 worth of books by Grace Chong. To check them out, please click the link below http://bit.ly/gracechong.

Writing Workshop for Kids by Grace Chong at OMF Lit

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