HotWheels Epic Race Finals Event

Our little family trooped to the Mall of Asia for the Hot Wheels Epic Race Finals.

Guess who had the time of his life? 🙂

Hot Wheels Epic Final Race at the MOA grounds

HotWheels Epic Race Finals at the MOA on May 15, 2016

Hot Wheels Make it Epic

Make it Epic!

Hot Wheels Starter Kits and Stunt Kits

The grounds of SM Mall of Asia has turned into a kids/kids-at-heart wonderland all right!

Hot Wheels Monster Jam diecast trucks

We spotted a whole bunch of Hot Wheels collectibles!

HotWheels Captain America diecast cars

Here are a few of our favorites. 🙂

Hotweels track with boosters

As the crowd waited for the  Epic Race Finals, kids lined up to test their Hot Wheels diecast cars on this amazing track set up with boosters. Mommies and daddies enjoyed themselves too. I know I did! 🙂

Hotwheels Mega Hauler

As Jed was ecstatic over this HotWheels Mega Hauler as he explains how this is going to be an awesome holder of his Hot Wheels collection. I have kind of sensed that he was going to ask if it’s still his birthday. 🙂 It’s never like him to push it but we did encourage him that he can save up for it. 🙂

The #BirthdayBoy is beyond the moon! 1 day to 11! Happy birthday in advance, Jed love! ❤ #11onthe11th

A photo posted by jenaspacio (@jenaspacio) on

This is what we got him for his birthday last week. 🙂

Hot Wheels diorama boys room

Check out this onsite diorama on how boys can transform their own rooms to a Hot Wheels epic race track with the all new Track Builder Unlimited. Our little guy  has the Track Builder Stunt Kit and he’s looking forward to getting the starter kit to get him started with his own room transformation. 🙂

Our son demonstrates how a Hot Wheels die cast car balances gravity and centrifugal force in this exhibition.

To be continued: Will later include the winners and more information on the Hot Wheels Epic Finals Race. Stay tuned! 🙂

HotWheels Epic Race Finals Event

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