Expert Help for Expert Moms: Combat Cough and Allergies this Summer

Summer came early this 2016 and as much as we would’ve loved for the cool northeast wind to linger for a while longer, since we didn’t get to enjoy a long chilly December – January weather like we did the past couple of years, there’s no denying that the scorching heat is really is here.


Like most families, the thing we look forward to during the summer season is to hit the beach or travel somewhere cooler with our family, making summer more tolerable than its usual sauna-all-day-everyday feel.


Truth is, the rise of temperature brings with it a variety of diseases that exposes our family and loved ones to a lot of environmental triggers that can ruin our fun in the sun, making this Expert Mom event I recently attended, which was hosted by Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio, ever so timely.

GSK Expert Moms

The GSK Expert Moms campaign is led by celebrity-host Rica Peralejo. It seeks to educate mothers on how to correctly and promptly address cough and allergies for the entire family.

“As a mom, I want to make sure that summer would become a memorable time for the whole family. My husband and I always make sure we take care of ourselves first so we can take care of our son, Philip. Being in tip-top shape allows our whole family to have the best summer and enjoy our vacations. Of course our priority is to keep Philip healthy, so we always make sure we are prepared with the necessary medications whenever we travel just in case he gets sick. I think being an Expert Mom is all about ensuring that the whole family is happy, healthy, and free from disease. I’m very happy to be part of the Expert Moms campaign because I think it’s exciting to meet other moms who are keen on keeping themselves healthy in order to take care of their families,” says Rica.

Ready for Allergies

Growing up with allergies, I know exactly what its like to be limited by such chronic and inconvenient illness. While I’m currently enjoying a no-episode season for a few years now, the hubby is the one who has developed allergic cough triggered by polluted air, cigarette smoke, strong scents and the like. My trigger used to be seafoods, I pray that I’ve overcome thus far.

Allergies should be taken seriously. If left untreated, its progress can be fatal as it has the makings of closing up airways and for my husband’s case, develop into bronchitis. His rescue medicine is good ‘ol Cetirizine, an antihistamine that helps manage the symptoms of your family’s allergies. GSK’s Virlix is a trusted household brand that have faithfully served families for 20 years.


“Allergies don’t have to ruin your family’s summer fun. All you have to do is take note of what causes allergies among your family members and try to avoid them, so as to manage your allergy symptoms”, says Dr. Sheila Chua, GSK’s Medical Affairs Manager, and a practicing Dermatologist. “It also helps to always have a trusted allergy medication in your bag whenever you travel so you can easily address the symptoms of allergies when they occur.”

Getting Tough on Cough

Coughing is a natural reflex and is usually a sign that your child’s body is trying to rid itself of an irritant, such as mucus or a foreign object. Although cough is quite common, having a kid with cough is something you should take seriously as it may easily be passed on to other children with weakened immune systems. Cough caused by viral infections may result in fever, headache, and pains.

If you happen to have the productive kind of cough (with phlegm), physicians often recommend protussives such as Ambrolex® (Ambroxol), to enable the cough to get rid of excess mucus in the airways.

Unfortunately, a lot of cough medicines have a bitter aftertaste, which children dislike and often spit out, making medicine time difficult for moms. Ambrolex®, however, has a sweet blackcurrant flavor that kids will love, making cough medicine time easier for moms, and allowing their children to get better, faster.

For adults, Ambrolex® comes in thrice-a-day tablet and once-a-day capsule format that are both easy on the budget.


Visit to learn more on how to be an Expert Mom.

Expert Help for Expert Moms: Combat Cough and Allergies this Summer

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