3 Reasons Why Our Family Loves the All-In-One HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage Printer

While I haven’t been exactly as consistent as I want to be, being frugal is something I’ve always leaned towards. Thanks to my mom’s ever incessant reminders and how she brought us up. It has kind of become my resolve too because, truth be told, as our family gets used to living simply, we are able to love more generously. Because we give more away than we keep for ourselves, we are able to express love more in tangible ways. And we all know that we can give without loving but we cannot love without giving.

HP DeskJet Ink Advantage 3635

Getting tapped to review nifty products, I consider a blessing, even as our family heavily makes use of this nifty contraption .

Three reasons why we love this nifty All-In-One HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage Printer.

1.The All-In-One Advantage

HP All-In-One Printer

As I juggle the many things I do at home, from the otherwise mundane chores, my online freelance job and homeschooling, I’ve made it a point to prioritize and maximize. This is also why I love the HP Desk Jet Ink Advantage 3635 All-in-One Printer. It allows me to print, scan and copy as it occupies a single spot in our home office, available for us 24/7. No more having to run to a computer shop to get any of the above mentioned tasks done. 

2. All-in-One Remote Capability

Hp DeskJet All in one remote mobileScreenshot_2016-01-25-14-10-26


I’m totally all for the value for money HP Desk Jet Ink Advantage 3635 All-in-One Printer gives. Imagine being able to do several tasks using just one machine. Especially when it features such ease of use, whether I need to get something scanned, copied or printed virtually wherever I am at home. Remote accessibility at its finest!


It’s wise to take advantage of the perks of innovation and technology that our generation is privileged to get our hands on.

3. Affordable Ink Cartridges

HP DeskJet Ink Printer

Unlike the All-In-One printer that we formerly used, the cost of HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage cartridge is almost half its cost. Each cartridge retails for P500. These days, we should always opt for the more economical choice. We have and it’s always an advantage for families to be able to stretch every peso.

Now for our initial test prints! 🙂

HP DeskJet Ink print test

And while we’re at the theme of practicality, my first print off our trusty All-In-One HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage is no less than a Quick-Start Budget that I downloaded from Financial Peace University. 🙂

hp print test

To test its scan and print feature, I got a page from our Plantation Bay Getaway Photobook printed in Black and White. The printer was in the family room where our home office corner is and I was on my laptop in the master bedroom. Fun, remote accessibility. The All-In-One HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage Printer has definitely made our everyday homeschooling, freelance tasks and home office more fun, easy and economical.

3 Reasons Why Our Family Loves the All-In-One HP DeskJet 3635 Ink Advantage Printer

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