Apple Experiment: No More Apples for Us (8 months and counting but not rotting)

It was years ago when an uncle made a sweeping conclusion about apples being notorious laden with pesticides and herbicides.

And like a good mother that I am who’s perpetually trying to turn her household “green,” I did my assignment and researched. What do you know, apple is taking the lead on WebMD’s list of Top 12 Foods with Most Pesticide.

5mos in the fridge, 3mos in the #compost. Will you at all rot? This is why we don’t buy apples anymore. #pesticides #appleexperiment #apple

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Beyond Research

And because I’m not one who just takes anyone’s (albeit an authority’s) word for anything, homework went beyond plain research.

I stashed away a couple of apples in the vegetable bin in the fridge for more than 5 months. Yes, 5 long months. Then dumped them both in my compost – to date, it’s been there 3 months now (and counting). No signs of aging at all. I dare not poke on it. Might do in the coming days. But my point is – that shiny apple is practically as shiny as they were picked from the supermarket.

Sustainable Brands reported that more than 35,600 people have signed a Courage Campaign pledge to boycott popular California produce companies after news that contaminated oil industry wastewater is used to grow their crops. We really ought to better educate ourselves as more and more big time companies are coming up with schemes to mass produce consumer products.

The hubby was convinced – no more apples for our household! Unless, they come up with an organic kind, that is. If at all, I’m sure I’ll do the same apple experiment on it like I did with these two. But thus far, apples no more. 🙂

Apple Experiment: No More Apples for Us (8 months and counting but not rotting)

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