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Most of us know all schools are not created equal. We choose the schools for our children for the bar that we have set in our minds that they’ve met. We are picky when it comes to education, for good reasons. When we chose to homeschool our son in 2009, we deliberated on it a whole lot, sought God’s leading until He gave us peace about using the SOT curriculum. Six years in, we have zero regret and are in fact, all the more convinced that this was one of the best decisions we have ever made in our family.

You see, way before Republic Act 10533, otherwise known as the Enhanced Basic Education Act, was signed into law on May 15, 2013, the homeschool curriculum we have been using was already K-12 compliant. But as much as we love homeschooling, we are getting ourselves prepped to transition to middle school, then college.

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And while a lot have been fighting the transition, as sound as their reason may seem, like the additional cost for parents to pay their children’s way to school, et. al, the fact remains that former graduates of our pre- K-12 system are mostly half-baked. I hear this all the time from my mom and I’ve always wondered why graduates from the Philippines don’t land a job related to the course they took when they move abroad. This is essentially because our graduates are two years short in meeting the global standard requirements of twelve years basic education.

I have not met a lot of schools that have actually embraced the K-12 system or the 21st Century Learning like what Global Innovative College has. In fact, it is only GIC that I’ve encountered that’s more than just prepared to function in this K-12 system. The school features a lot of benefits for students, that I hope to run through this post, that I have yet to see even in the most prestigious of schools here in the Philippines.  This includes GIC’s Life Class, which is a required subject where students learn practical things about themselves and their communities – things the previous generation (ours!) were never taught in school.

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It was a privilege to listen to Global Innovative College faculty’s presentation of their Grade 11 & 12 Program when they opened their doors to us last week.  “Senior high school will allow our graduates to meet the global standard requirement of twelve years of basic education. It will let Filipinos be globally competitive. Those who want to work abroad will not have to take additional state examinations or certifications and will receive commensurate compensation,” shared Engr. Mike Tan, Global City Innovative College (GIC) President, during the presentation with other parent writers.

“It will still be like high school but with specialization. The curriculum will be geared towards the student’s interest.  The specialization will be reflected in the student’s choice of tracks and strands. The tracks and strands offered at GIC prepares students better for specific college programs. So the students move up to the next level better equipped,” explained Dr. Gerry De La Zerna, GIC Chairman for Senior High School.

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Global City Innovative College Tuition Fee for Different Levels and Courses

The track that Sir Gerry spoke of is similar to what we refer to as ‘course’ in college while strands are similar to what is called ‘major’ in college.  More on: Global Innovative College’s Senior High School Program.

Senior High Students are to expect a unique 3D experience – discover, develop and direction when they enroll in GIC. The school believes that this 3D approach will help them discover their innate talents and gifts.

Prior to enrollment, the school gives a career assessment to help the student choose which track/strand to take. The results are then discussed with parents as the college provides them the result that points to the path where their children will most likely thrive. GIC believes that if students take up a course where their interest is, truancy in college is significantly reduced. 

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Another thing why I was giddy when I got home, chattering away to the hubby, a good prospect for our son’s school when he’s done with Grade 10 is how close the principles of GIC is to our current homeschooling values. Four days of school and no after-school assignments! We are totally digging GIC!

Our fifth weekday is usually spent with Jed doing some sort of programming, whether that will robots via Mindstorms or a game via Scratch. When he’s not programming anything, he’d be writing a book report of one of his recent reads or what he’s done lately – author his very own  juvenile sci-fi book, Chronicles of the Plantoids, which has been available on Amazon since September 2015. At 10 years old, my son has done a whole bunch of things I can only hope I was able do when I was in college. 🙂

As for GIC, the fifth day of the week is spent mostly on immersion. If for instance, the students have to work on a topic on “interviews,” they are spending that day doing interviews. The goal is to get the students experience first hand, so when they’re back at the classroom, they will better understand what the topic is about. Rather than settle for plain lectures, where learning remains abstract.

Life Course is another feature that GIC has that has impressed me a lot. Life Course is where GIC will guide the students to discover themselves and embrace their uniqueness as they are taught to explore their community and relate with others properly. It is also in the Life course where students are prepared for the professional world and life realities.

Kevin Marc Reyes, graduated Cum Laude from GIC this year, took the floor for a bit as he enumerated the many ways he’s benefited from the school as he now is employed himself with Bench, while at the same time managing 2 businesses, while at it. Apparently, while still in GIC, as early as the freshman years, students are encouraged to build their portfolio with certifications of volunteerism, et. al. So by the time they graduate, they do not just walk out of the school with a nice resume, but an impressive portfolio. Students are also highly encouraged to take on the entrepreneurial road, even while still in school. Talk about empowering students to operate above mediocrity!

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Facility-wise, GIC has raised the bar notches higher than your average school. Mac Laboratory, dedicated for exclusive iMac units, Linux Lab, Windows Lab, hotel-like washrooms, all airconditioned floors and classrooms,

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student lockers

While my husband is leaning towards enrolling our son in a Science High School, since he graduated from one himself, considering GIC’s values, features and principles, how it’s so close to what we’ve embraced since our son has started schooling, we’re now seriously considering Global Innovative College, given he’ll choose any of the courses offers: Business Administration, Hospitality Management, Tourism Management, Information Technology, Accountancy & Accounting Tech. or Medical Technology.

Global Innovative College (GIC)
Address: PET Plans Tower Annex, 444 EDSA, Makati City 1211 (near Estrella and Rockwell)
Contact Numbers: (02) 882-4242 and (02) 666-8881 to 82
Twitter | Instagram | YouTube: GCICph

School Feature: Global Innovative College

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