6 Great Gifts for Him

Shopping for men is more than just frustrating. It can be downright impossible! The good news is that there are plenty of gifts universally adored by menfolk around the world, so whether you’re looking to buy presents for a brother, father or boyfriend, here are just a few worth considering.

1. Food

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, so don’t be afraid to give him something edible on your next holiday or anniversary. Snacks are usually welcome; steaks are always welcome; beers and brews will make his eyes light up like he’s a little kid on Christmas morning.

2. Technology

These can be tricky purchases if you aren’t sure what functions, features and operating systems he prefers, so a good rule of thumb is to buy him something he wouldn’t buy himself. For example, you could get him that smartwatch he’s been eyeing for a month but claiming is too expensive.

3. Event Tickets

Does he love concerts? Get him backstage passes for his favorite band. Does he go crazy for a specific sports team? Shell out for season tickets or all-access passes to the dugout. No matter what his interest, you can make his day by getting him a ticket for it.

4. Shaving Accessories

Every man enjoys a close shave, but if he isn’t used to spending money on himself, he might not realize the difference that high-quality shaving products can make on his morning routine. Look into something like a shaving brush or straight razor to help him understand what he’s been missing.

5. Clothes

You don’t have to be a grandma buying him a sweater vest. What about purchasing those $200 sneakers he’s been coveting the past year? Or how about finding him the perfect leather jacket to complement his motorbike? There are so many ways you can dress your man to impress.

6. Bedroom Fun

These gifts are the kind that keep on giving. Not only will your husband appreciate them, but you’re sure to get something out of the bargain, too! Throw caution to the wind and be a little adventurous on your next anniversary.

These are just a few great gifts for the men in your life. Whether you’re looking to bring joy to a brother or have saucy fun with a spouse, use this gift-buying guide to find the perfect present for the guy you love.

6 Great Gifts for Him

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