Ideas on How to Organize an Album of Wedding Photos

After their wedding day, many couples want to help their wedding photographer organize the photographs for the album. Some couples have specific ideas about how they want their album to look while others depend on the advice of their photographer. Not surprisingly, all couples want their wedding album prints to tell the story of their special day. Take a look at some tips on how to organize wedding photos in an album.

Highlight the Best Moments of the Day

Some couples go through all of their photos to find the ones that highlight the happiest moments of the day. For instance, a couple may choose a photo for the album that features the bride and her sister hugging before the ceremony. Or, they may select a photo that features the flower girl picking up flowers as they drop out of her basket. These are moments that will help the couple remember the best parts of their wedding day as they page through the album in later years.

Organize the Photos Chronologically

There are couples who want to organize their wedding album in a more traditional way. They want to put photos taken at the beginning of the wedding day on the first pages of the album. They want the photos taken in the middle of the day near the middle of the album. In short, they want their wedding album to reflect each step of their wedding day. The first pages of the wedding album will likely include the bride and her bridesmaids getting their hair done at the salon. The middle of the album is likely to include the bride, groom and wedding party getting dressed to head to the church. The end of the album will include photos from the ceremony and reception.

Separating the Wedding Album into Three Sections

If each member of a couple has a large family, the album may be split into three sections. One section features photos of the bride and her family on the day of the wedding. The second section is dedicated to the groom and his family. The third section of the album features photos of the bride and groom to represent the new family they’ve created.

Understandably, most couples want to have a wedding album they can look at together on their anniversaries. The way an album is organized and designed contributes to the enjoyment of a couple as they recall how they felt on their special day.

Ideas on How to Organize an Album of Wedding Photos

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