@KidZaniaManila Virtual VIP Tour with ABS-CBN Documentary

KidZania Manila Virtual VIP Tour with ABS-CBN Documentary

KidZania Manila, the celebrated interactive kid-sized play city where kids do big things, has become one of the most visited attractions at the Bonifacio Global City since opening at the Park Triangle Mall in August. Every week, thousands of kids aged four to 14 years old, accompanied by their parents and loved ones, visit KidZania Manila where more than 70 real-life establishments and over 100 immersive role-playing activities enable kids to discover their career interests in a safe, unique, and interactive environment.

KidZania Manila CSI

Kids can experience how it is to investigate and crack a case with the Crime Scene Investigation activity at KidZania Manila.

Welcome to KidZania Manila! Documentary Special

Now, kids and their families can explore KidZania Manila and discover more about how this talked-about attraction was brought to life in a documentary special entitled “Welcome to KidZania Manila!” The program will be aired on ABS-CBN Channel 2 (onSky Cable, Channel 8) on October 11, Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.

Hosted by Eggo Velasco and Reese Rosales, the feature offers a virtual exclusive tour of KidZania Manila, taking viewers inside the kid-sized city, starting with the airport where they each get their boarding pass and check for 50 kidZos, the official currency of KidZania.

KidZania Manila_Firefighters

Misters and misses keep KidZania Manila safe by joining the Firefighter Squad.

Through the documentary, viewers will get to know the people who have built KidZania Manila as they talk about how they carefully planned and built an actual kid-sized city, complete with realistic places and recognizable brands—from paved streets and fully-functional vehicles, to replicas of a hospital, fire station, retail shops, dining destinations, TV station, factories, a university and other city structures. Kids are also featured sharing their experiences and what they actually learned while role playing their dream jobs such as doctor, fireman, police officer, baker, teacher and pilot, among other careers and professions.

KidZania Manila Healthcare

Children ensure the care and wellbeing of the city’s population at the KidZania Manila Hospital.

The documentary also features noted child education experts as they share valuable insights on the importance of letting kids role play different jobs to build their self esteem and sense of independence, earn kidZos, and learn the value of saving money, as well as interact with other kids and make friends.

With all the benefits that it offers, KidZania Manila is definitely one educational yet fun destination that kids and their families should explore and experience. Don’t miss “Welcome to KidZania Manila” and find out more about how the play city where kids can do big things came to be!


@KidZaniaManila Virtual VIP Tour with ABS-CBN Documentary

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