Preparing Your Home for Winter

As summer fades away and fall approaches, Old Man Winter will be arriving before you know it. Now is the time to prepare before the old year winds down. Be ready for the new year to come in as you give your home the attention it deserves, making it easier to welcome spring the next go around.

Pack Up the Patio
If you live in a part of the country that has the glory of four seasons with major changes in weather, you’re not going to be able to leave your patio furniture out for the duration. It’s time to store items away. Check your outdoor furniture cushions. If they need freshening up with new foam, the Foam Factory has a broad selection of cushion foam to make sure you’ll have a comfortable place to sit when the time is right. Cover up the grill or store it in the garage. Wind up the hose and put it away. Be sure to turn off your outdoor faucet to avoid any leaks or burst pipes.

Take Care of Your Yard
Before the snow flies, you will need to get rid of the leaves that are going to cover your lawn. Instead of going through all of the work of bagging them, put a mulching blade on your lawn mower and chop them into fine pieces on a dry day. They’ll be absorbed into your yard and nourish your lawn, giving you healthy grass in the spring.

Trim Your Trees and Shrubs
Get out the hedge trimmers to prune your shrubs, hedges, and trees. If you have any dead limbs or trees that are dying, you’ll want to get rid of them now. When you are proactive, you won’t need to worry about damage from a fallen tree during an intense storm or from the weight of heavy snow.

Keep an Eye on Your Roof
Check your roof for loose shingles or any damage before the snow flies. If you need to do any repairs or patches, now is the ideal opportunity. You will be snug and warm when the cold sets in.

Schedule Furnace Maintenance
Call your local heating and cooling company to inspect and clean your furnace. You will be ready to fire it up when the cool weather arrives and have peace of mind.

Preparing Your Home for Winter

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