How to Really Make Friends After Moving to a New City

Making friends as an adult is significantly harder than making friends in your younger years. Many of the friends you had as a child, a teenager or a college student were those you spent a lot of time with in the classroom. When you take a new job or move to a new city for any other reason, you’ll likely find that you have a hard time forming connections with other people and making new friends. Before you give up hope, find some simple ways to make new friends in your new town.

Become a Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer is a great way to meet new people and possibly make some friends. Look for volunteer opportunities that match your hobbies and interests. You might work with Habitat for Humanity to build homes and volunteer in the organization’s shops, or you might work with a humane society or animal shelter to take dogs on walks, meet with adopters and clean out cages. The more places you volunteer, the more chances you will have to form those connections that lead to lasting friendship.

Join a Country Club

Depending on where you live, joining a country club might be the best way for to make some new friends. Country clubs offer a number of opportunities and events for members, including dance classes, pig roasts, outdoor barbecues and even golf tournaments. If you’re a golfer, check the calendar for upcoming golf events to see what is coming up next. Many country clubs let you sign up for tournaments and other special events even if you do not have a partner or a team. The club will assign you to a team, which will let you meet some new people.

Turn to the Web

If you are something of an introvert, you may have a harder time meeting people than those who are more extroverted and outgoing. Instead of spending a lot of time out of your home, turn to the web for help. You may find community groups on websites like Craigslist or Reddit dedicated to your town. Many community groups get together for drinks, dinner or other activities. You can get to know the people in the group online before you actually meet in person. Using the web, joining a local country club and becoming a volunteer can help you make some great friends.

How to Really Make Friends After Moving to a New City

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