Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks and Our Son’s Love for Reading

It was a fantabumouse time for my son and I when we attended the Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks Trade launch at Power Books last week. Normally, we’d skip going to events when they fall on weekends since we really would rather stay at home or go some place near our home to spend quality time together and have our family date.

Saturday traffic is almost always atrocious, especially in Makati.  But when our homeschooler saw the invite sent month earlier, he was all out for us to go. ” 🙂

Our #motherandson date is never without a trip to a #bookstore or a #library 🙂 #homeschoolers A photo posted by jenaspacio (@jenaspacio) on

We go on mom and son dates every chance we get and a trip to a bookstore is almost always a non-negotiable. It’s not unlikely for me to lure him to come with me to the mall, with a promise to swing by the book store. Never fails. 😉

Plenty amused at this boy whose idea of a date is spending hours upon hours in a #bookstore reading ??❤️

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Our homeschooler especially loves to go visit Fully Booked in High Street where there are at least a couple of aisles dedicated to his favorite Geronimo Stilton series. He’s probably read every one of them. 🙂


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The grandma isn’t spared by this bookstore-trotting boy. 🙂

My husband and I are plenty grateful that we have successfully nurtured in our son a deep love for reading. Way before our son has muttered a single intelligible word, I have made sure I read to him every day. I’d have to credit our homeschooling provider too, School of Tomorrow, for their well-designed curriculum that was instrumental to our son learning to read considerably fast. It was towards the fourth or fifth month since we started with pre-school (he was around 4 years old), that he started to read sentences straight away. He was 5 years old when he started devouring on his Science Library for hours on end. He further progressed to novelized cartoon movies like Kung Fu Panda, Cars, Smurfs, I wouldn’t have imagined he’d start reading the Lord of the Rings Trilogy at 7 years old, which he read over again the year after. He finished The Hobbit too around that time.

jed's blog

You can check out his personal blog via and you’ll find the book reviews he’s done recently. Here’s an excerpt of which.

artemis fowl book 8 review conclusion

He also published a book review on this blog in 2013, when he was 7 years old. 🙂

Our 10-year-old, Level 6 homeschooler publishes a book review every Friday on his blog. It is part of his weekly academic goals since a couple of months back. Last Friday, he started the prologue and a quarter of the first chapter of a book he said he was going to publish for me for my birthday. He’s since prevented me from logging into his blogger account until he gets it published. 🙂

While I’m obviously a proud Mama (I can’t help it!), and I don’t apologize for it, what I am drawn towards  is to encourage parents to nurture the love for reading in their children too. It takes intentional parents to get this done and they’ve got to start early.


Above is the international diagnostic test our homeschooler passed when he was in Level 5. He was 9 years old then. He’s now 10. He was 4 levels advanced in Word Building subject and it’s all because of his love for reading. But the love for reading comes with more than being able to read through words.

Comprehension is the key for a child to stick to it. We can’t expect a child to love reading when he can barely understand what he is reading, let alone immerse himself in another world, which our son would often describe what its like when he’s deep into his reading.  Geronimo Stilton Pawbooks are designed to usher a child towards understanding what he/she reads.

geronimo stilton pawbooks

Geronimo Stilton Academy Comprehension and Vocabulary Pawbooks

The Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks are designed to help develop comprehension skills and motivate children to read.

Comprehension Pawbook 1: Predicting, Inferring, Sequencing, Compare and Contrast, Recalling details, Main ideas.

Comprehension Pawbook 2: Book 1 skills, Drawing conclusions, Summarizing.

Comprehension Pawbook 3: Book 1 and 2 skills, Giving reasons, Stating opinions and Point of view.

How do we use Geronimo Stilton Comprehension Pawbooks, you ask?

  • Parents can read aloud to the child or do shared reading with the kids.
  • Take turns in coming up with questions, answers and making predictions.
  • The vocabulary words learned from the books can be used in everyday practical situations.
  • The young reader can be asked to summarize the story while the parent probes further, asking questions like: “can you tell me about..?” “What happened when…?”
  • Parents can also do the retelling to interest the child to read the book himself.

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Our mouse-ter-ful reader having his books stamped by Geronimo Stilton. 🙂

Our family highly recommends Geronimo Stilton books and the Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks for early readers. These well-designed and brilliant Pawbooks have the potential of nurturing in your child the love for reading, not to mention the sweet, sweet time you spend with your child exchanging thoughts and enjoying a fabumouse time together, immersed in Geronimo Stilton’s crazy and fun adventures.

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Jed is publishing a book review on Geronimo Stilton’s Valentine’s Day Disaster next week. It’s next in line.  We’ll get this post updated then. 🙂

Geronimo Stilton Academy Pawbooks and Our Son’s Love for Reading

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