Two Things to Consider in Choosing Your Wedding Florist

In the handful stint I’ve had in the wedding coordinating scene, I’ve learned a thing or two on things to consider in choosing a supplier. From the photo and video coverage, to the venue, the make up artist down to the wedding florist.

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While my wedding supplier list may not be updated,  I am pretty sure I’ve got the basics covered. Two of them to be exact. Choosing a wedding florist does not need to be all that complicated really.

1. Recommendation

Others say florists are all the same but I will be the first to tell you that they are not. A recommendation from a friend’s friend may not guarantee the most reliable supplier, but it can be a good start. If there is anything I have learned good brands take care of their reputation, for the most part. There are a few that have gone high and mighty, but not a lot. Because if they keep at it, trust me, it won’t be too long until there won’t be clients calling their number.

2. Budget

Unless you happen to belong to the high society and money is not an issue, a budget is something you will want to seriously look into. High quality florists come with a price tag but thanks to the ever growing wedding supplier competition in the market, there are good ones that will give value for your money. A good florist can adjust to your financial budget like the wedding flowers Sydney.

Sounds too simple, I know. But every other consideration will boil down to these two. When you’ve got good recommendation and the budget considered, a reliable florist who will deliver will not be far behind.

Two Things to Consider in Choosing Your Wedding Florist

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