It Takes Two to Make a Successful Marriage

A lasting marriage depends on love and commitment, as well as patience, forgiveness and much more. Both partners must be committed to maintaining the marriage even through tough times. If one partner is unable to keep his or her commitment, divorce is often the result. If you’re a man facing divorce, you may need legal help that is especially designed for men. The Cordell & Cordell’s Facebook page will give you an idea of what men can expect during a divorce.

Family Law

Family law is also called matrimonial law and deals with matters concerning domestic relationships such as marriage, divorce and all things related to children, including custody, guardianship and domestic violence. Men often need special legal help during a divorce to have their rights defended in relation to child custody and money. An attorney who is looking after men’s rights in a divorce will challenge assumptions and point out inequalities to the court to advance the father’s rights. This kind of representation is missing in many divorce cases, but it can be championed by the right law firm.

What Is Involved

When divorce is the only solution to family problems, the break-up of the marriage needs to be fair. There are several areas where the man’s rights need to be protected.

• Child custody and support: The father needs to maximize his role in his child’s life. This includes making child support payments that are in the best interest of his children. An attorney who focuses on father’s rights will secure a fair amount of time the father can be with his children as well as fair child support payments.

• Modification of Decrees: If the father’s income drops, or if the mother is earning more, an attorney who supports the father’s rights can modify past decrees to adjust them for the present financial reality.

• Spousal Maintenance: Men need help to make sure the alimony they pay is fair and that their financial interests are protected.

• Property Division: This is another area where men need their interests protected.

When a marriage breaks down for whatever reason, the courts often favor the woman. This can be rectified if the man is represented by a lawyer who focuses on men’s rights during divorce proceedings. This will include all issues pertaining to their children and finances to give the man involved in the divorce the best possible outcome.

It Takes Two to Make a Successful Marriage

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