Next Home Improvement Project: Kitchen Renovation

For someone who works in the kitchen at least thrice a day, it is ideal to have a kitchen that is fully functional. I don’t wish for a very fancy, state-of-the art kind of kitchen, I just want my kitchen cabinets, counters, work space to not just look good but to function as they should.

After the flooding in 2009, the lower kitchen cabinets have been moist and non-functional. We did have our home expansion done in 2013 but our contractor shortchanged us and left a lot of jobs badly done. That includes the leaky roof that we still need to get fixed. Surely, maintaining a home takes a lot of time and money. The plan is to have the leaky roof done, next comes the kitchen renovation.

Truth be told, even without the flood that sped up the deterioration of our kitchen, every room in the house just does that – deteriorate. The second law of Thermodynamics applies just about on every thing that we can see. We don’t have to do anything for something to eventually collapse. It does not take decades until we see tiles crack, cabinet doors crack or steels rust away. Aside from getting things fixed in my kitchen, having a functional one will give me sense of inspiration to prance around, knowing everything is in its proper place and conveniently where I want them. It would be lovely to get something like that of an excellent kitchen renovations perth and have fancy amenities installed. But for now I’ll be good with my kitchen to be fully functional like it should be. Jotting this right down on our priority list.

Next Home Improvement Project: Kitchen Renovation

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