Wedding Mementos

Wedding suppliers are becoming more savvy by the season and while the official wedding month is over for this year, surveys have it that more couples actually get hitched in the month of December.  After doing weddings for over a decade now, I know this to be true.

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Whether your wedding is up and coming or you are looking into gifting treasured friends and surprise them with a wedding memento, you sure will never go wrong with personalised gift ideas. Customized gifts more than just give a sense of being special, the boost in the wow factor is a given as personalized things project and immortalize milestones that will forever be cherished. I personally will choose a personalized one over a generic.

But more than just the sparkly wedding things and mementos, the more important focus is the couple’s preparation, readiness and commitment beyond the ceremony. A lifetime commitment is more than just a couple of hours celebration or a piece of signed paper. Who does not love happy endings? We all do. But it’s a decision of having each other’s back and not giving up on each other regardless of the circumstance. That is what’s going to make sparks last as you turn those pages of wedding mementos together decades after the ceremony is over.

Wedding Mementos

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