Fun Traveling: Most Affordable Vacation Spots

Due to the economy being in a state of recovery, families are being encouraged to save as much money as possible. Instead of spending big money on an extravagant vacation, families can still have fun on a budget. Here are some of the most affordable vacation spots within the United States.

Yellowstone National Park
With an entrance fee of only $12, Yellowstone National Park is far cheaper than most of the mainstream amusement parks. Due to the fact that the entrance fee includes a seven-day permit, families will be able to experience everything that Yellowstone has to offer. This legendary national park is a nature lover’s dream world. From the amazing geysers to the intriguing wildlife, there is always something to see at Yellowstone.

New Orleans
New Orleans, Louisiana is certainly a great choice for the families who have teenagers. Although the city’s Mardi Gras celebration is extremely popular, New Orleans offers much more than just partying. The legendary Bourbon Street remains lively throughout the year. While walking around, travelers are destined to meet some amazing people. Meanwhile, the Creole food is absolutely delicious.

San Diego
Located in Southern California, San Diego is a beautiful city that offers plenty of inexpensive activities. While some visitors like lounging around at the beach, there are others who like to go whale watching. However, Balboa Park is definitely one of the city’s main attractions. Within Balboa Park, there are plenty of neat museums to check out. Furthermore, the hotels in San Diego are actually affordable.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
From a cost perspective, Myrtle Beach is one of the top destinations in the country. Unlike some of the other resort areas that border the ocean, Myrtle Beach does not cost an arm and a leg. Although a lot of teens like to walk down the beach strip, small children will enjoy the various marine exhibits. Even the helicopter rides are relatively inexpensive.

Adirondack Mountains
This vacation spot is ideal for the families who love camping. Located near Upstate New York, the Adirondack Mountains offer fishing, hiking, and kayaking. However, skiing is a popular activity during the winter time.

Families can still enjoy an awesome vacation without spending a lot of money. These five destinations are certainly affordable.

Fun Traveling: Most Affordable Vacation Spots

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