Galileo Enrichment Learning Program and The 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival


It was in 2013 when our homeschooler officially welcomed the use of manipulatives. It took us a while to find this Number Equalizer Balance and Base Ten Blocks by GigoToys. These manipulatives that were introduced to us through Singapore Math in Galileo sure more than just made Math easier for our son, it also became more fun! 🙂

Jed’s first time at Galileo in 2010. He was 5 then. 🙂

The husband and I have heard of Singapore Math from 2010. But it was the word “dread” that our son began using to describe his feelings for the subject that had us consider enrolling him in Galileo in 2013, to learn the Singapore Math system.



That’s our homeschooler reading one of his Percy Jackson eBooks while waiting for the Galileo event to start. 🙂



Ms. Rowena Matti, CEO/Founder of Galileo Enrichment Learning Program, Inc.

As a home educator for six years now, we totally share Ms. Matti’s advocacy. This is towards developing independent, life-long learners. I feel strongly that this should be a major focus in our children’s education and not merely a default to have the child go to school as part of growing up. Even in this area, we are intentional as parents.



Even the statistics have it, a well-training child is more likely to enjoy  positive social and economic future. This, I think, is every parent’s heart for their children. But the question is, are we supporting our children enough? Supplementing learning gaps and making sure that they don’t cross the next level half-baked? Sadly, half-baked graduates are a common, even an expected thing in our culture.



Singapore has sustained the top place in academic excellence in Mathematics, making Singapore’s Math method gain vast popularity. It was during this recent Galileo event that I learned that in Singapore, they really don’t call their Math, Singapore Math. It’s just plain Math. It’s the way they operate in this subject and it’s their norm, there’s no other method. We just call it such to recognize its origin, which makes sense. As for the traditional way we do Math, it’s just way different. For the most part, students have dreaded the subject and only appealed to a gifted few. Add me to the statistics, if you may. The hubby, on the contrary, is “mathalino” when it comes to this subject. The Mensan that he is. He even landed a scholarship in Ateneo in college and took BS Math. His Math professor then was Dr. Queena Lee-Chua, who also happens to strongly support Singapore Math and have been the main speaker in the previous Singapore Math Festivals, along with her son, Scott Chua.



For some who are wondering what really is it about Singapore Math. I believe that children will greatly benefit from Singapore Math over rote learning, for these reasons:

  • Emphasis on problem solving.
  • Focus on conceptual understanding.
  • Absence of clutter and distraction.
  • Coherent development.
  • Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach.

To be honest, for someone who had Math for her least favorite subject (understatement), I actually enjoyed the Math problems we solved during the event. Light bulb moments, sweet revelations even, nodding in agreement, as the process of solving made complete sense. 🙂




Galileo Enrichment Learning Programs incorporate these five ways of learning in their centers as they factor in different learning abilities of students and allowing for a deeper absorption of lessons. Studies say that multi-sensory learning is the best way for a child to absorb lessons and learn skills.




Galileo’s Reward System makes for a fun learning experience of the students.


Basic things to take note on Singapore Math.


Basics.. basics.. basics… I took mental note of these. 🙂



The kids were having so much fun while learning during the event, it was hard to take a decent shot. 🙂


Meanwhile, the 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival is happening on July 4, 2015. This year’s theme is Preparing for the Future: Creativity & Innovation Through Singapore Math. This will be held at AIM Conference Center in Makati City, 7:30A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Make sure to register now. Better yet, avail of their running 4 + 1 promo.  Register 4, 1 gets in free. Limited seats available. 🙂


Event Details



Galileo Enrichment Learning Program and The 3rd Singapore Math Learning Festival

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