5 Types of Questions You Have to Ask Your Wedding Venue

There are so many facets to wedding planning, but few decisions are as weighty or important as choosing the right wedding venue. Your wedding venue is not only the backdrop of your dream day, but chances are the folks running the venue will play an integral role in your entertainment, food, and more. That’s why while you’re on the hunt for perfect wedding venues in Sydney, you have to remember to ask the right questions. Before you commit to any venue, be sure to ask these questions.

Wedding Venues in Sydney

1. Your wedding date. The first questions you should be asking your Sydney wedding venue is if your preferred wedding date is available, and how many (if any) other weddings will be booked that day.
2. Payment. Find out the rates for different days or times. Learn what kinds of deposits are required. Are there hidden costs, like cleaning fees or overtime pay? What’s the venue’s cancellation policy? What’s the last possible date where you can still make changes to the plans?
3. Logistics. Do you have to use the venue’s vendors? Is there any room for a band and/or dancing? Will you be responsible for renting sound equipment, or does the venue have its own? Find out if the site is handicap accessible, and if there is any backup for bad weather. Find out when the vendors can come setup, and when the guests have to leave at the end of the night. Also be sure to confirm who’s responsible for setting up and tearing down the décor and if there are any noise restrictions or other city mandates.
4. Food and drinks. Does the venue have an in-house caterer? Do you have to use the caterer? Is there a liquor license on site? Can your guests bring their own liquor?
5. Staff. Who will be your point of person before the wedding, so you know whom to turn to? Who’ll be your point of person on the day of your wedding? When will you be able to meet these people, as they’re integral parts of the entire process?

We encourage you to research as many wedding venues in Sydney as possible, if you have the time. Ask them these questions while also taking in the sight and feel of the property. That way you should get a good idea of whether that venue is right for you. Most couples looking for a wedding venue end up choosing Springfield House Reception Centre for their wedding. Come see why by going to http://www.springfieldhouse.com.au/.

5 Types of Questions You Have to Ask Your Wedding Venue

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