Taidii: A Holistic Childcare/Preschool Management Solution

One of the startups that Co-Foundry introduced during the June 2, 2015 press conference at the A Space Manila is Taidii (pronounced as ‘teddy’). You see, Taidii’s market, aside from schools and other establishments that involve kids, are essentially parents. Truth be told, we are the ones who will directly benefit from this oh-so-awesome innovation. No wonder this startup stood out to me the most amongst the others that were introduced during the exhibit/presscon.

In a nutshell, Taidii is basically designed to effectively deploy childcare management solutions, especially for schools. The technology is already currently being used by several schools in Singapore, being one of the leading preschool management solution providers in Singapore. Locally, Taidii is already being used in  MindChamps, Global Eduhub and IMAN. So far, there are atleast 5 schools that Taidii is being used locally and they’ve only been here a few months! Why, I wouldn’t be surprised since it’s practically a no brainer to do everything to make sure our kids are safe, protected and are in the best of health, wherever we are. Now, before I get ahead of myself. Allow me to enumerate the solutions that Taidii use that address 3 major aspects:

1. Child Management –
2. Curriculum Management
3. Center Management


Taidii helps automate a wide spectrum of activities traiditionally undertaken by teachers via old school pen and paper, i.e. vitals tracking and class attendance. VAMS (Vitals and Attendance Monitoring), Taidii’s robotic device takes care of these. It is one of the popular solutions requested particulary by preschools, as this guarantees the proper tracking of the child’s health and security, which are essentially on top of the priorities of schools and parents.

Using proprietary sensing hardware developed in-house, Taidii’s VAMS allows for accurate tracking of the children’s temperature through thermal scanners set up in the preschool. Since children are more susceptible to germs, solutions like VAMS can prevent outbreaks, from the common fever and flu to measles within preschools. By alerting teachers to preschoolers who might be ill, the school is able to take measures and contain the spread of viruses within the school compound.

VAMS also enhances the security of preschools, making it mandatory for a caretaker to get a picture taken when he or she arrives to pick up the child. The visual is instantaneously fed to the parents through Taidii’s parent app, a mobile platform specially created to facilitate better communication between preschools and parents.

This feature has been welcomed by both teachers and parents alike, for very obvious and practical reasons. It’s definitely something local schools should consider. It takes away a lot of worries parents and guardians have when their kids are not with them.


“Taidii believes that by imparting best practices in preschool management to school owners and teachers in the Philippines, we can help reduce inefficiencies, foster the relationship between parents and the school and focus on providing better care for the children. Moreover, the benefits of using Taidii’s solutions are aligned with the core values of the Filipino people, which is enabling a healthier and more interactive way of communication,” explains Wang Bin, CEO for Taidii.

The school director of Paster Noster Preschool Philippines, Mr. Reyes, has this to say about Taidii:

I really find the system very helpful, and I’m excited to use this in our school.”

It’s only but inevitable for other schools to realize the benefits of Taidii incorporated in their system:

“I will certainly recommend this system to all schools. We are saving a lot of time in sorting out photos and messages to parents. I can now conveniently share how our kids are progressing in school and involve the parents in the discussion”, says Teacher Ria, Head Teacher from Lifeline Foundation School Philippines.

And of course, for a parent to be able to track his or her child from wherever using a smartphone is the bomb! No parent is going to say no to Taidii, that’s for sure. With the reality of the metro’s crime rate, we will certainly do everything we can to keep our children safe.

“The Taidii parent app is awesome! Now I know my child is safe and enjoying himself in school”, shares a parent whose child attends Lifeline Foundation School.

Taidii values the quality of service we provide and that nothing but the best care is given to pre-schoolers, parents, and teachers. To ensure highest quality, Taidii targets catering a maximum of 50 schools for the year 2015. Five schools have already signed up, including Mindchamps (BGC) Already Open, Mindchamps (Greenhills) , Family Montessori at Quezon City, Family Montessori at Marikina City, and South Central City School of Lifeline Foundation at BF Paranaque City.

Diibear, an enhancement to the current parent app that Taidii is building, is geared towards parents who are looking for a one-stop information portal for tips on effective child rearing. The app will encompass parenting articles, popular places and activities for parents and kids, health guides, recipes for kid-friendly cooking and more. Taidii is aiming to make Diibear available to parents in the Philippines by late 2015 and is actively looking for partners to boost Diibear’s contents and be a distributor for Taidii.

Preschool managers, teachers and parents who are interested to learn more about Taidii’s solutions are welcomed to meet with Taidii representatives on June 2nd at A Space Manila.

More details on the event are available at www.theco-foundry.com/fintechphilippines

To set up an appointment to speak with a Taidii representative in Manila, please email: sales@taidii.com

Taidii is a holistic childcare solution that helps improve the overall well-being of teachers, students and parents. By automating pre-school operations management with its sensing and communication technology, as well as mobile app, Diibear, Taidii enables continuous parent-child engagement. Taidii is a leading provider of preschool management solutions to major pre-school brands across Singapore and China.

For more information, visit www.taidii.sg

Taidii: A Holistic Childcare/Preschool Management Solution

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