Our Homeschooler Explores Exploreum

Some weeks back, our homeschooler and I trooped with other Moms and kids to Exploreum in SM Mall of Asia. Turns out it was the old Nido Science Museum that underwent some upgrades.

Exploreum Entrance
And because Jed loves everything Science, he was thrilled and couldn’t wait to make his rounds as soon as we got in!

Exploreum Summer Camp 2015

Exploreum Summer Camp 2015

The Exploreum Summer Camp was a 3-Day experiential learning designed to stimulate curiosity through memorable activities. It encourages camaraderie through interaction with fellow explorers. There is different theme for every year and this 2015, the kids became the Marine Explorers.

Explorers of Exploreum

The Orcas ย as they were transported to the skating rink, each one holding on a rope to keep them all together. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Exploreum Summer Camp 2015 strategically categorized the program such that every child will have their maximum fun and learning.

1. The Dolphins – ages 4 to 6 years old
2. The Orcas – ages 7 to 9 years old
3. The Sharks – ages 10 to 12 years old

Because our smarty pants of a homeschooler claimed that technically he won’t be 10 until a couple of days after, he joined the Orcas. We both agreed later that he must’ve enjoyed a whole bunch more if he joined the senior Sharks. Since per development level and being so close to 10, our homeschooler is already at that level. Now, we know what to do next time. ๐Ÿ™‚

exploreum skating rink

The Exploreum’s Summer Camp 2015’s Jampacked Activities include:

1. Deep Dark Sea Painting – utilizing glow-in-the-dark paint.making posters come alive by painting it in the dark.
2. Away from Home – the fishies are stuck in some slime-o-mania! Fish them out of the tank and put them and put them back where they should be.
3. Feed the Marine Creature – get to know the food web and apply your knowledge immediately by feeding the sea creatures.
4. Aquarium Secret Message – look for hidden messages in the aquarium and put them together to find out what it says.
5. Into the Deep Treasure Hunt – complete the item list by searching in the dark room with minimal light.
6. Water World Obstacle Course – jump, climb, reach and crawl to find “EXPLOREUM” letters around the course.
7. Save the Whale! – fill the pool with balls so the whale can roll back into the ocean.

Exploreum petroleum jelly gloves

One fun thing that Jed was thrilled to learn during his experiential Exploreum learning at the skating rink was that wearing a latex glove filled with petroleum jelly will considerably warm a person who’s feeling cold. ๐Ÿ™‚

The Exploreum Summer Camp is just the beginning of the Exporeum’s science filled activities for the year. The Exploreum Quiz Bee is a nationwide competition with around 90 schools participating per level in a test of intellect, wit and speed. The Exporeum Quiz Bee will award the winning school P1 Million to fund and encourage the building of varied school programs. Exporeum’s National Quiz Bee will be from July 2015 to February 2016.


Our Homeschooler Explores Exploreum

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