Awesome Fun at the Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp

The hubs and I have always wondered about this Talent Camp that Jollibee Kids Club offers every summer. Precisely why I registered my son as a member of JKC in a Jollibee branch near our place. The thing is, our son never got the chance to join the Talent Camp until last week. But here’s much I can say, we should have done this right from the time we were able. It was nothing like the other summer workshop our son get involved in once. That, we never got around to doing a part 2. Let’s just say, he got bored. Not with this Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp. Straight from our chatterbox’s mouth, that it was worth having to wake up early for every day! In fact, he woke up today singing the JKC theme song on repeat. It’s the first week day since their graduation and he’s still pretty much on JKC Talent Club high. 😀

Jollibee kids


The Talent Camp is loaded with so much fun, as the kids  interacted with new friends, got around to doing some acting and art workshops, singing and dancing. Kudos to Kuya Shahein, their camp facilitator, who clearly knows how to handle kids. I was very impressed as to how he got the kids to listen and got them to do as he instructed them. I’m really happy that Jollibee clearly took time to have someone learned facilitate such workshop that would otherwise be chaos, given the number of kids at the camp.

JKC (1)


Aside from the kids being given the chance to play and getting to know new friends, they were also divided into groups and were instructed to draw a picture of a particular scene. The kids learned how to work as a group since they cannot just draw what they want and the picture has to jive with each of the kid’s drawings. There were a few head-scratching I saw my son do, manifesting frustration over younger peers but that’s how kids roll, they eventually learned how to work together as a team! Sweet! 🙂


“Si Lolo at Lola na nagpapahinga sa kwarto, nakatanggap ng tawag para kumain sa labas kasama ng mga apo.”

This was what was assigned to Group 4 to draw and to act out. 🙂

JKC (2)


They did some acting and art workshop on Day 3. The kids played the roles of the characters from the artwork that were assigned for each group the day before. Jed played the role of a grandpa. Each kid also made a musical instrument out of plastic cups, cardboard paper, monggo beans and rice. 🙂

JKC (3)


The kids got to play and interact some more with their new found friends,  danced and sang to the tune of the Jollibee Kids Club theme song. I’m finalizing this post and our kiddo is still singing and dancing away as I type. I think that’s one sure indicator that he’s had loads of fun at the Talent Camp.

JKC (4)


Let’s just say this is really what convinced my boy to join the workshop. As homeschoolers, there’s something about the outside heat that we dread during these scorching hot summer days. He honestly would rather stay home. But when I told him that they’ll be taught how to make burgers, I didn’t have to ask him again. Of course, he made sure first he’ll get to eat his burger too. It was just really fun watching the kiddos learning how to systematically get the burgers together and have them wrapped. 🙂


Jed is such an animated little guy! I was just snapping away when I saw him do this. He’s clearly holding his horses but he knew it won’t take long till his first bite. That’s as if he didn’t have Big Burger Steak for breakfast that morning. Haha! 🙂

JKC Graduates

The bloggers’ kids graduates of JKC Talent Club! 🙂

The handsome boys on the left are Elijah and Ethan, sons of Rochelle Kawasaki, the pretty girl is Kaye Figuracion’s Keisha and beside my son is cutie Ren of Levy Martinez. 🙂


My JKC Talent Camp graduate!

Jollibee Kids camp graduation

My son is all but 10 years old and yes, I’m wearing a half inch heeled slip-ons. I’m really petite and my son happens to eat like a hobbit, with second breakfasts and lunches in between meals. Our son is growing up really fast, I often wonder where time went.  I’m just so thrilled that Jed can get to do this for 2 more years.

Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp is open to kids 7-12 years of age. Kids get to join for only P500, for Jollibee Kids Club members, P600 for non-JKC members. I honestly think this is such value for money. The kids get to have their Jollibee snacks after every workshop day! The daily meal, the valuable learnings from the various workshops, certificate and the loads of fun they have the whole week are more than worth it. Workshoppers from the previous year, only need to pay P200, for as long as they will use their previous year’s uniform. That’s just crazy, right? Such an awesome treat for the kids and for us mommies who are looking to involve our kids to worthwhile summer workshops. Thank you, Jollibee, for the awesome time we had at the Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp! 🙂

Awesome Fun at the Jollibee Kids Club Talent Camp

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