Celebrating Mother’s Love on Mother’s Day!

My son and I were practically giggling away as we watched Jollibee’s new TVC for Mother’s Day. Several times throughout the clip, Jed would say, “Mama, that’s you!” Oddly enough, I was thinking the same thing. Most days, my son would often conclude, “Mama, that’s our empathy link again!” Where he got that, I have not the least clue.

I was giddy as I watched the real life mom and son, because it’s exactly the way I shower my boy kisses. Although I don’t actually plan on carrying on until he’s grown, but it’s just so special to know exactly how that mom feels. The tenderness a mother feels is somehow universal in that department. There are exceptions, I should know. But this really  is the nature of a mother’s heart.

We ended up just smiling away and my son showering my cheek with his perpetual wet kisses and saying I love you, Mama on repeat. This video is sure to touch any mother’s heart. Thank you, Jollibee, for such sweet and touching TVC. 🙂

I thank my Abba Father for entrusting my son to my care. My prayer is that I will always be responsive towards His leading in my role as my son’s mother. 🙂

Celebrating Mother’s Love on Mother’s Day!

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