Home Product Review: Fukuda iP Camera (and Tips on Best Locations for Home Security Surveillance)

If there’s anything common amongst all households, it is the need for security. Crime has become way too rampant and offenders seem to be multiplying by the day. We cannot live in panic and fear. While we daily pray for our family’s security and protection, there are some practical things we can do towards home security. One of which is installing home security surveillance.

Fukuda IP Camera

 Fukuda iP Camera

When Fukuda iP Camera sent this unit last month, I wasn’t expecting that it was any different from all the iP Cameras that we have tested and actually used in the past. This is by far the most user-friendly iP Camera we have tried to date. The FukudaCam App that we got downloaded via both the App Store on our Apple gadgets and the Android Play Store was not problematic. We’ve noticed that some iP Camera brands that we have tried have either unstable applications or they’re still on their “beta” mode. It was noteworthy enough for us that this was something that we didn’t have issues with.

Fukuda IP camera unboxing

Unboxing the Fukuda iP Camera Model: FCM829-1FMS

1. Camera
2. Camera stand
3. Installation CD
4. Operation Manual
5. Warranty Card
6. LAN cable
7. Power adaptor
8. Screws and toks

Fukuda CCTV camera
I’m liking the unassuming simplicity of this Fukuda iP Camera/Closed-Circuit TV

Fukuda iP Camera Model: FCM829-1FMS Specifications:

Hardware Features

  • One 10/100Mbps RJ45
  • Power interface
  • Reset button
  • Built-in microSD Socket
  • Built-in microphone and speaker
  • 8 infrared LED, 8m Distance

– High definition 720p with (1280 x 720) Display Resolution
– With built-in MicroSD Socket
– With built-in Microphone and Speaker
– Night vision (9 infrared LED)
– Remote viewing and recording over LAN/internet through mobile devices (iPhone, Android and Computer)

Fukuda micro sd slot

 Fukuda iP Camera FCM829-1FMS supports up to 32GB 

Now when you finally get hold of your home security surveillance camera, the next question to ask is what’s the best location to have it installed? While some may automatically think of the home entrance, you will want to consider asking yourself what you think is the most vulnerable spot within your property. It is always your family’s best interest to properly evaluate your home to keep intrusions at bay.

clear night-vision view

As I was mostly busy in the kitchen during the holidays and we were still unsure where to install the iP camera, I found it helpful that I can view what my son is doing. You see even during the holidays, that little guy is only allowed 30 minute maximum on the iPad. Although during this time, I gave him 10 minute extra as he said he needed to edit the page he created specifically for his “minecraft” adventures.

As a home educator, what makes sense to me is to have the CCTV installed wherever my son is. Not only will this enable me to “supervise” my son even from the other floor. The built-in speaker and microphone are impressive in quality. We actually understand what we both are saying. Now I know this for sure, not all iP cameras are built the same.

Because we also have a router downstairs, we experimented on having it installed there. I am hands down convinced that surveillance is a good thing for our home and our generation is blessed that the vast improvement of innovation and technology is working for our benefit. Fukuda is one of those brands that provide affordable consumer electrical products that are of great quality.

Sure, we can always heed well-meaning friends pointers of not posting much on social media, but truth be told, bad elements are going to do what they are going to do regardless of your online exposure or lack of it. This can easily cause a parent towards paranoia but that’s just something we cannot allow to eat us up. It’s just counterproductive on all levels.

“For I am the LORD, your God, who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you.” Isaiah 41:13

Our family’s resolve is always to put our trust in our Abba Father but we are also prudent in doing the things that we need to do given the danger that surrounds us and make use of whatever help we can benefit from. 🙂

Fukuda Appliances are available at SM Hypermarket, Puregold, Shopwise, Anson’s and other leading appliance dealers nationwide. You can also find Fukuda on Facebook.

Home Product Review: Fukuda iP Camera (and Tips on Best Locations for Home Security Surveillance)

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