Charis School: Our school of choice if we were not homeschooling

When Smart Parenting featured our homeschooling family in 2011, I’ve had a few readers email me, asking for more details. I naturally would lead them to our FAQ page, where most of their questions will be answered.  But there was this one question that I wasn’t able to get back to. Hopefully, I will get to have that answered through this article.



One of my readers asked this: “If you weren’t homeschooling, what pre-school will you send your son to?” As a backgrounder, this reader is in a double income household, which majority of Filipinos belong to, giving them no choice but to enroll her daughter. But because there are so many schools to choose from, this intentional mother wanted a piece of my mind and I cannot be more sorry that I had no schools in mind in particular to answer her question back then.

What I instead gave her was a checklist of some sort:

  • A Christian school
  • Qualified and caring teachers and assistant teachers
  • Good reputation
  • Clean facilities and conducive play area to help develop gross and fine motor skills

If the Lord has called me to continue to work in the corporate world back then, selecting the school that my son will be enrolled in will be a major decision for me and my husband. I will not just enroll my son in a random school just because there were so little choice. It was never me to settle for the mediocre. Certainly something I’m not bound to gravitate towards all the more when my son’s future is going to be what’s on the line. As I mentioned in my 2009 blog post,

Homeschooling is a calling. It is not for everyone.

If we weren’t homeschooling, there is this school that I found that fulfills each of the item on my checklist. Here’s hoping to encourage my dear readers who are scouting for a preschool for their children to go see and check out Charis School in Marikina City.

Charis School is a Christian school, which fulfills my first, non-negotiable item on my checklist. It is also of utmost importance that the school does not just call itself Christian on a whim but actually incorporates Christian values in its curriculum.

Charis Preschool’s outdoor facilities

“Charis” means “grace” in the Greek language. The root word of charisma, charity, et. al. What sets Charis apart is that it integrates Christian values in all subjects, which thoroughly reconciles with the school’s resolve and motto: “Raising Godly Thinkers and Achievers.” As teachers become the representatives of parents in school, Charis makes sure that they employ teachers and assistant teachers who will embrace the school’s resolve as they directly influence the preschool kids that they interact with on a daily basis.

huge sandbox

Charis School prides itself with a large 400 sq.m outdoor area especially dedicated for their preschool students. I have yet to see a school within the area with this distinct feature. Charis Preschool’s outdoor facilities include: Little Tykes playhouse, slide, seesaw, monkey bars, a Jungle gym and a spacious playground where the children can run around Preschoolers need big spaces like this to help develop their gross motor skills. It is also a healthy avenue to release extra energy kids seem to come in package with. 🙂

Running around the playground and playing on the jungle gym provides just the right amount of fun, rest, and release for young minds. In addition to providing a break for children, recess time ensures children stay healthy and active, improves their social skills, and enhances productivity.

Nurturing the Formative Years

There is nothing that will be of more impact to a child’s development than his or her formative years. Experts define this being, from birth to five years old. The impact can be explained by the fact that it is in the formative years that a child grows at such phenomenal pace that will never be equalled at any other time of his or her life. It is in the formative years that a child’s language, motor and social skills develop exponentially. Essentially why the preschool we send our children to should be well thought of.

Charis School preschool has 3 classrooms for Nursery, Kinder 1 and Kinder 2. Each class accommodates 15 students per class, which I think is ideal for each child to be properly monitored by the teachers. Charis School is a noteworthy school and a highly recommended one.

Charis School
Address: Scarlet cor. Maroon St., Bonita Homes Subdivision Concepcion II, Marikina City
Contact Numbers: 948-2948 | 940-0684

Charis School: Our school of choice if we were not homeschooling

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