Fun at the Play Date Soon 2014!

My son and I attended the Play Date Soon yesterday, held at Spaces by Babyland. It was a fun event where we got to hang out with other mommies (and daddies) and their adorbs kids.

Play Date Soon

 First off, a photo opp with my son at the Play Date Soon backdrop. This little big guy just arrived from his date with his Papa. My 9 year old is almost as tall as me! 🙂

Play Date Soon at Spaces by Babyland

 The Play Date Soon floor is ready for the mommies and kids for their Yoga sesh with Urban Ashram.

Play Date Soon 2014

 Above photo grabbed from LJ Reyes’s IG. 🙂

Play Date Soon play area with kids

The kids had their own universe at the play area.

There were shopping, educational and informational booths that cater to parents and children’s interests. I remember how hungry I was for information about anything that will benefit my son from the time when I was still pregnant with him. It’s amazing how innovation in every department has grown leaps and bounds. Now that my son is 9 years old, we remain amazed at brand new discoveries that we can make use of to give our children a boost to their academic potential.

Like the phenomenal Dermatoglyphics Fingerprint Multiple Intelligences Test by Encygligent, for instance. Our family took this test May this year and the results were more than just eye-openers for us. The test was able to identify each of our inborn strengths and weaknesses. It even explained why my son is ever so restless. His fingerprint scan reveals that he is leaning towards kinesthetic and he needs to have regular physical activities. We are indeed blessed to have come across this technology. I blogged about our family’s Encycligent results here and here.

Play Date Soon The Learning Basket

 The Learning Basket features nice hard-to-find books for babies and kids.

Play Date Soon Logico Grolier's


Play Date Soon educational toys

My son was plenty curious with all the Learning Toys that were part of the exhibit.

Play Date Soon wooden educational toys

Educational Toys at Wonderworld’s Red Toolbox

Everyone in attendance enjoyed yummy treats from Play Date Soon’s food sponsors.

Play Date Soon Gypsy Girl

Gypsy Girl

Play Date Soon Rufo's and Serenitea

 Rufo’s and Serenitea

Sweet Nest Candy Buffet

 Sweet Nest Candy Buffet

Play Date Soon Encycligent Test

Mommy Tiffany and Mommy LJ, along with their cutie patooties had their fingerprints analyzed by Ms. Rosana Sy. I’m thrilled for these mommies even as they are having this done while their kiddos as still little. They can start early on in harnessing their kids’ potentials even as they will know where their kids inborn giftedness lie. This will allow for them to nurture their strengths and employ supplements that may be needed for weak areas.

Learning about the comprehensive result of our son’s Dermatoglyphics Fingerprint test has greatly benefited our family. It helped me and my husband put more weight in enrolling our in a regular sport activity. Because aside from his talents that lean towards mental and visual functions, he is also very kinesthetic, as I earlier mentioned. We also learned that his love for reading is  one of his inborn gifts. This is why he started appreciating books at 4 and started reading novels at 6. He graduated from reading the Lord of the Rings series when he was 7! It used to stun us back then. Because it wasn’t until I was already working did I finish that series. This year alone, our son has finished reading 24 books. Before the year ended last year, we made a list of Goals for 2014 and the number of books we each read is a part of it. It was also out of our resolve to nurture this gifting our son has. 🙂

Play Date Soon with LJ Reyes

 Photo opp with Mommy Tiffany’s co-organizer, LJ Reyes. Thank you, Mommies, for coming up with such fun and informational event for us, intentional parents. 🙂

Play Date Soon goody bag
I didn’t know until we got home that there were a million things inside my Play Date Soon goody bag! What a treat! 😀

Fun at the Play Date Soon 2014!

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