Frugal Living and Our Goal Towards a @SolarGridPH -Powered Home

A few weeks ago, the hubby chanced upon a blog post of a family who invested on solar panels and made use of Meralco’s renewable energy program called Net Metering. Truth be told, it is the one thing my we have been looking into the past few years. Given the resources, it will sure be something we really would consider. Unlike other countries, the price of electricity in our country is hiked up to unbelievable proportions. I’m not really sure if it has anything to do with corruption or just plain scarcity of power resource.

When we shopped for our lighting fixtures last year, towards the home stretch of our house expansion, we carefully considered the wattage and accumulated consumption they will bring. It wasn’t long after we decided to use LED bulbs on our lighting fixtures instead. It’s crazy that the default bulbs of the lighting fixture in our walk-in closet was 40-watt each. It practically feels like being roasted alive. The cooler light of LED was more than just savings to our pockets but actually made us feel more comfortable. From a total of 120-watts in our closet alone, down to 12-watts (3watts x 3 LED bulbs). Yes, I more than just make my own soap, laundry detergent, all around home cleaner, use laundry balls and every other choices towards frugal domesticity. And it all makes sense! Why spend more than we have to, right?

We have managed to keep our electric consumption to a minimum. Aside from using inverter appliances, the LED bulbs that we have installed in our lighting fixtures considerably lowered the cost of our bill all the more. Our family room and bedroom lamps only have 1-watt bulb each, our front porch, kitchen, 2-watts. This allows for us to use the airconditioner without much worry that our electricity bill will skyrocket during the summer season.


I can only imagine how much more efficient it will be if our home is solar powered. Incidentally, last week, my husband and I  got to meet the people behind SolarGrid, a company that provides fully-integrated cost-effective solar energy solutions. We’ve learned that at the rate that our electricity consumption ranges, even a 1-watt solar panel system can strip our bill quite a considerable amount. Summer won’t be something we will dread anymore.

SolarGrid is also the company behind the solar-powered products SunErgized. And with the talks of power interruption becoming even more prevalent, products like this will even be more valuable. SunErgized devices are ideal for travel, emergencies, indoor or outdoor use. It is also cost-effective, eco-friendly, low-maintenance and easy to use.


SunErgize Power Bank

Take this SunErgize Power Bank, for instance. This high-capacity rechargeable lithium polymer battery and a 1.6W solar panel, this solar charger and power bank can charge your mobile phone, digital camera, PDA, PSP, GPS, DV, MP3, MP4 and many other small devices. Simply leave it near a sunny area (bright window area, dashboard of your car, etc.) to charge with solar energy or plug it into a socket, then connect to your device. This solar charger is perfect for people on-the-go and especially suited for emergency situations.

Our trusty SunErgize Power Bank and Solar Light Bulb getting charged at the balcony of our home

Feel free to contact SolarGrid for more information on harnessing the power of the sun for your home and to know more about SunErgize solar-powered devices. The hubs and I are convinced that it is an investment that will serve any family better than a time deposit. Since this can be used for the long haul. Here’s hoping we can move towards the goal of getting our home solar-powered.

Twitter: @solargridph

Frugal Living and Our Goal Towards a @SolarGridPH -Powered Home
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