Husay at Malasakit (Excellence and Compassion) Begin at Home

Right from the time that we got pregnant with our son, my husband and I have always had this resolve of training him aright, in all departments – physical, emotional, spiritual, mental. As we armed ourselves with resources  and agreed on principles, it made us more confident to welcome our son when he arrived.

When I blogged about some Parenting Insights We Can Use, I mentioned the resources that were instrumental and essentially influenced how we are bringing up our son and basically why our sanity are still pretty much intact to this day. We knew right on that we weren’t going to hire a nanny for our son, so while other people call it selfish for wanting our baby to sleep through the night early on, we actually studied and experimented on Ezzo’s principles. We love our son so much that any hint of us damaging him in any way, that principle will find itself thrown out the window. One of the things that people against Babywise principles have is the risk of undernourishment.

My son is now 9 years old and he was never undernourished from the time he was born. From the second month of his life that he started to sleep through the night to the time that we made sure he knows who is in command when he moved towards what they normally call “Terrible-Twos,” to our way of disciplining our son and how we do not spare the rod, which is a controversial topic. One of Ezzo’s basic principles totally made sense to us – “Freedom comes with responsibility,” this is why we never had him hold a remote control until he understood what’s its purpose is for. I don’t want to be a frustrated parent enduring broken things and going on trips to the emergency room, when in fact, it is in our hands how our children behave. Yes, accidents happen but as parents, there are actually things we can do to take those to a minimum. Boils right down to discipline. Children have no concept of right and wrong and part of parenting is to impart those to them.

We are grateful that the Lord has been faithfully leading us to the biblical ways of handling every phase of our son’s developmental stages. We totally give the credit to God for whatever parenting and homeschooling expertise (Husay) that we have acquired through the years. It is through those very foundations that  we now enjoy the benefits of having a loving and secure child who not only respects authority, but is also a joy to live with. Anyone who comes in contact with our son, will find that his confidence is coming from within. And they say that homeschoolers are deprived of having their social skills nurtured.  Oh no, I do not mean to say that he’s all bright and shiny, but for the most part, he is. 🙂 Apparently, children need structure. As they grow up, it means a lot for them to know that their parents love them enough to discipline them.

As we go through the motions of parenting, our son is only 9 years old, so we are far from over, our leaning is towards compassion to fellow parent readers. Our hope is to be a blessing to our readers by sharing how we do it, the principles that have influenced us and how things worked for us.  While some of our ways may seem to counter what what our culture dictates, to please people is really not much of a goal for us more than the peace in our hearts that what we are doing is what’s best for our son and that he’s going to grow up as a well-disciplined and grounded young man.

In the same manner, I love that like the principles our actions stand behind on, Unilab takes on their own Husay and Malasakit (Excellence and Compassion) campaign in everything that they do, especially when it comes down to service those who are in need. I’ve personally visited the Unilab plant in 2012 and have seen for myself the strictest of procedures they adhere to, to make sure that they provide quality products to the Filipino people. As they incorporate innovations and technological advance procedures, the core of what they do remains with the health and safety of the people while keeping their products superior and affordable still.

Check out Unilab’s TVC: Husay | Malasakit, Unilab Yan!

Husay at Malasakit (Excellence and Compassion) Begin at Home

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