Our Family’s Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park Experience @islandcovephil

It was five years ago when the hubby and I first experienced Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park with 36 other BlogVenturers. We relive it to this day with such fondness still. Definitely one of the few unforgettable out of town blog events we attended back in the day. I cannot help but be thrilled with the prospect of visiting again together with my boys. The visit became a reality last week. As homeschoolers, we were shooting to have our “field trip” that day and the destination cannot be more interesting than this.

on the way to island cove

¬†The 3 Js on their way to Island Cove. ūüôā


A quick shot I took from the van upon entry, uploaded on Instagram. Nice to see you again, Island Cove!

During the Detour: Island Cove Adventure in 2009, I had¬†so much fun as we ran around the island in teams. We saw glimpses of the facilities and areas as we did the most exciting “amazing race” I have ever gotten myself involved in. It was so much fun that 5 years after, we still share the same heart with fellow bloggers who joined that trip. ¬†This time around with no rush to do any racing, my family was able to breathe in¬†and actually enjoy the facilities. It was such a rewarding, educational and fun time with my family.

Island Cove Electric Jeep

Electric Jeepney

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park is¬†a family friendly place. I cannot help but be reminded of Plantation Bay, aside from the electric jeepneys, essentially because of the endless possibilities families get to enjoy for quality bonding time. Although both vary in their offerings, there are a lot of facilities that families and friends can enjoy together. The plus, for us, who are living in the metro, is that Island Cove is a mere 15 minutes¬†away from Mall of Asia. It’s so close! I was actually surprised when we drove through the entrance of Island Cove last week. I don’t really remember getting there as fast 5 years ago. ¬†Island Cove is a perfect getaway from the metro madness that won’t have us drive so far to enjoy a lovely escape from our regular grind as a family.

  • 113 Hotel Rooms
  • a new 8-lane Bowling Alley
  • 3-hectare Fishing grounds
  • 4 giant slides at the Oceania swimming complex
  • a jacuzzi and 2 pools exclusive for hotel guests
  • Fit Club
  • Interactive Game Room
  • Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Adventure Zone:¬†Paintball Arena, Airsoft field, Biking and a challenge course
  • 2 Restaurants serving Filipino and Western cuisine
  • a Family KTV ¬†
  • a disco

While I knew that Island Cove has lots of existing facilities back from our¬†2009 visit, it wasn’t until last week¬†that we actually got to experience the facilities and drink in the fun of it all! The best part of it is that I thrilled over the whole thing with my boys! It was priceless and definitely something that we are looking forward to do to all over again.

fishing village

I’ll let you in on a secret. A couple of weeks before our trip to Island Cove, my family and I were in Eden Nature Park in Davao. While we enjoyed our day trip there, especially the cheap Mangosteen and Marang, the one thing that our little guy was looking forward to, which was fishing, we failed¬†to do. The Fishing Village in Eden Nature Park closes at 4PM and we finished our nature park tour past 4! We went home that day with a teary-eyed boy, who insisted on going back the day after. We could’ve considered to go¬†back only if we weren’t flying back to Manila that day. So we came home with a heartbroken¬†boy. We prayed that night, in between his sobs, to be able to find a place near the metro where we can go fishing when we fly¬†home. The answer was practically instant as we woke up the next day with an invitation to visit Island Cove. The recreational activity, “fishing”, never sounded so beautiful until then. Sure, we could’ve gone¬†on the long road of looking for a place to fish when we get home. But the timing of the invite cannot be more¬†perfect, I knew that it was the¬†affirming hand of God orchestrating and allowing my little mommy heart to provide my son’s heart’s delight!

island cove fishing boy

Island Cove Fishing Village

fishing village boy

¬†My little man on his fishing business mode. ūüôā

fishing village first catch

 First Catch РTilapia!

The delight in those eyes when he caught his first fish was priceless,¬†he was practically jumping when he caught a slightly bigger tilapia! That boy was over the moon! He was so proud that he caught two, while his Papa, none. He’s always in this competitive mode. If it’s not roughhousing or who topples the other first, it’s fishing. ūüėÄ

Great food! 

 The Fishing Village is facing Manila Bay and has 21 huts on bamboo stilts with spectacular views of the Manila and Makati skylines. This Filipino-themed restaurant offers guests a unique experience in dining. Guests can go fishing and may have their catch cooked or can order Filipino favorites from the menu including dishes that are unique to Cavite. Top recommendations are the Pinoy Boodle Feast and the Lechon sa Buho. Island Cove has four food and beverage outlets managed by Executive Chef Jomar Medrano.

fishing village lunch with gov. gilbert remulla

Hearty lunch amidst great company at the Fishing Village

Island Cove Managing Director Mr. Gilbert Remulla gave us an update on the ongoings of Island Cove’s year-long renovation of their hotel rooms, cabanas and dormitories.¬†They are done with¬†the first phase and their¬†completion target is set by mid-2015.

Sangley Point’s boasts of delectable¬†western-style cuisine. Their must try food items that were winners for us are the baked baby back ribs, the burgers that my son loved to the last morsel, margherita and four-cheese pizzas and their guava iced tea.

Island Cove ZooTique

As homeschoolers, the Zoo experience is one of the things that turn books to reality. Our son is already 9 years old, yet it never gets  old on him.

Island Cove Zoo entrance

Island Cove’s Animal Wildlife Sanctuary is equipped with sanitized mats that help maintain hygiene and protection of the farms.

Island Cove visit

Happy homeschoolers! ūüôā

Island Cove Duck

Love the shots the hubby took from the Animal Sanctuary ūüôā

island cove turtle

That sedentary turtle! ūüôā

Island Cove Zoo tiger

Say Hello to Jasmine, the Tigress!

Island Cove Zoo tiger feeding

It was Jed’s first time to be able to feed a tiger.

island cove burmese python

Burmese Python

island cove cassowary


Island Cove Crocodile Farm


Crocodile Farm

Island Cove Ostrich Leather

The homeschooler was all eyes and ears as he walked through the the Crocodile Farm, taking it all in.

Island Cove Birds Eggs

Eggs of Crocodile, Ostrich and Cassowary

Island Cove Lawin

Before it was even time for the hawk handling, our homeschooler was so ready as he extended his arm to welcome the flying creature. I didn’t know he was serious…

island cove eagle handling experience

Until he went first in line to experience how it is to be this close to a hawk.

island cove handling eagle experience

Papa’s turn. ūüôā

And no, I am more than happy to capture memories. I don’t wanna terrify the animals and the guests with all the shrieking I’m bound to do. Haha!

island cove crocs

 We learned that crocodiles tire really easily, which explains why they move so slowly.

Island Cove Zoo Ostrich


Island Cove Zoo monkey feeding

¬†Our son’s first time to see an island of monkeys! Yep, that’s pretty much his amazed look. ūüôā

Island Cove monkey

Catch-the-banana time for the monkeys

monkey in island cove zoo

Gotcha! Nice shot, Jeff! Such lovely place to have a photomarathon, if you ask me. ūüôā

Island Cove Oceania Map

 Oceania Water Park Directory Map

Oceania Swim and Splash Park

The 350-square metter kid-friendly Splash Park was recently added to the Oceania Water Park. Splashers and sprayers were eye-candy to kids for sure. My son had such fun time in it. Safety is of utmost priority, which is why  colorful, water safe rubber flooring (EPDM) were installed to minimize the possibility of accidents. The main pools of the Oceania Swim and Splash Park retain the 4 giant slides and giant inflatables. The whole water complex spans over 3,000 square meters and their splash park is the biggest in Mega Manila. As a parent, it gives me confidence to know that all their lifeguards are certified in standard first aid and basic life support by the Philippine National Red Cross.

Island Cove has 86 hotel rooms, 14 two-bedroom duplex cabanas which can accommodate 4 to 6 persons each, 3 single detached 2-bedroom cabanas and two dormitories for 16 to 20 persons. The hotel complex has a jacuzzi and pool exclusive to checked in guests. Our family can’t wait to have our next Island Cove getaway! ūüôā

island cove function room party

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park  has 2 main ballrooms that can fit between 300 to 500 people, 10 air-conditioned function and meeting rooms (including an air-conditioned tent), various non-airconditioned pavilions and function areas. Island Cove is capable of catering and organizing events for as many as 14,000 persons. They have a concert park where they hold concerts every so often. They will be hosting the upcoming concert of Daniel Padilla.

island cove giant chess set

That is one enthralled boy as he pretended to mediate the opposing teams to start the fight. He’s been playing chess since he was 5 years old and this giant chess wowed him so much that he challenged his father to a round.

island cove chess match

 I can only imagine how fun it is for him to be actually moving along with the chess pieces as opposed to just finger-moving them on a regular chess board.

island cove bike station

 Other outdoor facilities that Island Cove has includes: a basketball court, a tennis court, a 1.4-kilometer jogging path, several playgrounds for children and biking area. Bikes are available for rent. Adventure Zone has one of the largest paintball arenas in the country and an airsoft game site. They also this Island Cove Maze Challenge too, which our son vows to go try on our next visit.

island cove interactive game room

Interactive Game Room

I have a very strong feeling that my boys are going to linger in this room a whole lot the next time we go visit Island Cove. Right outside the game room are billiard and table tennis tables. While Wii, Playstation 3 and Xbox consoles are available in the game room.

interactive game room xbox kinect

Jed watched Tito Omar dance away on an XBox Kinect game. For the first time that day, he actually got shy to show his moves. ūüôā

fit club

 Fit Club


For those who love to work out, their full service gym is a must visit.


Bayside KTV

Island Cove’s Bayside KTV¬†has nine private rooms that can seat groups of 2 to 30. Each of its unique rooms has up-to-date equipment that plays more than 3,000 songs in Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese and Filipino.

Island Spa

 Island Spa offers various western and oriental massage treatments. Highly recommended is their authentic Filipino massage therapy packages that combine healing and relaxation techniques such as hilot and dagdagay.

island cove spa experience
The Hubby doing¬†a Spa Selfie at the Island Spa. He was totally¬†relieved of stress that he dozed off. He was just awaken by the therapist offer of hot tea. I am so going to have my share of Island Spa experience on our next visit. ūüôā

island cove group picture

Group shot with Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park Managing Director Mr. Gilbert Remulla


island cove bloggers 2014

Staircase Group Shot. Can you spot our cheeky, energizer bunny? ¬†ūüôā

My family thoroughly enjoyed going around Island Cove last week. I must admit though that a whole day will not suffice to max out all the fun we can muster in this enormous  36-hectare island.

We came home with a bright-eyed little guy professing of having the best day ever. He went on and on too over his newfound fishing skills that he resolves to get better at. I patronized him as we did a quick debrief. I probed and asked which is more fun between Island Cove and Eden Nature Park, he answered Island Cove in a heartbeat! Boy, am I so glad that we don’t have to fly 2 hours to win him back to fun land. ūüôā

Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park
Binakayan, Kawit, Cavite
Only 15 minutes away from Mall of Asia
T (046) 434 0210

Makati Sales Office:
Suite 1416 Cityland 10 Tower 1, De La Costa St., Makati City
T (02) 8107878

Social media accounts:

Our Family’s Island Cove Hotel and Leisure Park Experience @islandcovephil

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