39 Things I love About My Husband, Jeff

 To the man of the house, Happy 39th Birthday! =)


1. I love that he cracks the corniest jokes. And follows it up with another spine-tingling-how-do-you-come-up-with-that-so-fast one. It’s unbelievable how anyone can have such knack for words, humor and wit all at the same time. Something our son clearly took after you. And yes, this has to be the first one on the list. 🙂

2. I love that he’s just wonderful with our son. He’s such a great father!

3. I love that he easily picks up when I’m a little too overwhelmed in the kitchen and takes over the dishes to wash.

4. I love that he showers me with kisses upon arriving from work even if I do not exactly show approval of getting smothered when the sauna-all-day kinda weather (summer) covers me with sweat all over.

5. I love that he strongly believes I never get stinky even when I sweat! I find it even sweeter that our son is convinced of this “belief,” that it has become household cult. Jeff has been at it since we got married. That’s 13yrs! I’m slowly getting convinced just by how he utters it every time, with conviction. Makes me reconsider getting smothered by kisses in the midst of a sauna-weather day. Haha!

6. I love that he journals his devotions everyday. There is no better security for a wife than a husband whose heart is constantly in tune with the Lord.

7. I love it when I catch him looking peripherally and checks if I step in the washroom for bath and sneaks in the tub with me.

8. I love his broad shoulders. I sleep on either side of his chest since the day we got married. My safe place.

9. I love that even if he professes to be fat, he still looks fit and slim! And I like that he has gained weight, it lessened my perpetual feeling of being not in shape. He’s always been too lean for my ever flabby self.

10. I love that he was such an effective birth-coach when we labored when we gave birth to our son. I look at our birthing photos and I see how he breathed with me through those contractions that progressed from manageable to earth-shattering ones. I still hear the convos of the doctors and nurses surrounding the birthing table, completely in awe of what we were doing. It has been more than 9 years but I still cherish that moment to this day. One of the things that’s forever ours.

11. I love how he strategically organizes my closet in categories, such that I get easy access to my stuff.

12. I love it when he mops the floor for me. He does it half the time I do and more efficiently.

13. I love how he accurately diagnoses the leaky roof, knows where exactly the problem lies and effectively gets the leaks to stop, despite the fact that having an insulated roof downright prevents one to see through it.

14. I love how he’s so good at SEO techniques that I get lost in his jargon and new things he’s been incorporating in his tasks.

15. I plain love his ever active mind. It will only need a few moments with him to get intellectually stimulated. Does that come with being a Mensan?

16. I love how he fathers his niece. It fills my heart to see him love her so much.

17. I love that he always wants to pamper me to a fault. It might not always be practical but it shows so much of his heart.

18. I love that he’s made the most radical 180 degree turn over the past year that it feels like having a brand new husband, only in the body of the same man.

19. I love that he embraces me in his sleep.

20. I love that he regularly scrubs the bathtub that I have forgotten how it used to look like when it’s not clean.

21. I love that he has embraced my crazy, eco-friendly, going green, no-to-harmful-chemical ingredients campaign in the house.

22. I love that he willingly double checks the cooking gas downstairs when I second guess myself if I turned it off before we call it a night.

23. I love that he’s not the same man I married almost 13 years ago. He’s totally turned from a frog to the prince I’ve prayed for since I was 11 years old. Sometimes it takes quite a while before God answers prayers. But He does!

24. I love that he gives the best body massage that I’m sure will give even the most popular spa place a run for its money. I kid him sometimes that he does this on the side and it won’t take time till clients line up like crazy.

25. I love that he’s adjusted well to my ninja-sleeping moves. He used to fall off the bed when we were newly married.

26. I love that he loves everything I cook and bake and peppers everything with superlatives. Either he comes home perpetually famished or I have gotten quite good in the kitchen.

27. I love that he hasn’t gotten over how he loves my feet and all the quirky things I can do with my toes that I never thought were quirky until he said so, from when he was courting me to this day. There are a few reasons why I thank my genes and this is one of them.

28. I love his ever efficient muscles that makes carrying anything such a non-chore.

29. I love his keen ears for music. Only a musical genius like him can tell when a guitar is not in tune from a block away with a single strum.

30. I love how well he plays the drums. Although he has apprehensions that he’s gone rusty, I totally trust that his musicality will bring all the skills back and more.

31. I love his passion in leading our family in fulfilling our legacy covenant.

32. I love that after all these years, he hasn’t lost his touch ( I’ve always thought that I should’ve gotten him figured out by now) and I still get surprised by the little gifts that he prepares for me throughout our special days.

33. I love that he’s athletic. A total opposite of my ever sedentary self.

34. I love how he’s been such a reliable handyman in our home.

35. I love how he nudges and gives me reasons to shop for clothes when I really would rather not spend a cent.

36. I love that he tries his best to be organized even if it’s not a default.

37. I love how he designed our home. He made sure that whatever space we have is maximized.

38. I love how he has grown in the Lord, how he’s totally surrendered all of him at His disposal. I respect the humility of his heart.

39. And last but not the least, I love how he prioritizes his family and makes sure that we know that we never feel to have to take the backseat anymore, ever.

Happy 39th birthday, Jeff love! 

“Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

39 Things I love About My Husband, Jeff

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