One of My Weekly Mundane Things Called Laundry

Aside from homeschooling, the come-and-go VA jobs I’ve had since 2009, the mentoring I’m doing as part of a team of an online Christian ministry, one ritual I do at least once a week (twice a week during summer) is the laundry. While I can do away with homeschooling (during break), the VA jobs (when contract expires), the mentoring of wives and the laundry are tasks that I cannot do away with. The former is a commitment, the laundry is something that’s just plain non-negotiable. Simply because dirty clothes don’t clean themselves and I end up suffering spending a whole day to do more laundry than I ought to the week after. With a limited clothesline I have outside our house, I just don’t have the luxury to wait it out another week.

But one thing I have learned in my years of good housekeeping (not the magazine), is that if there’s something I cannot do away with,  aside from keeping in mind’s Brian Tracy’s “Eat that Frog” mantra (wherein I make sure I eat the “ugliest” frog first – meaning the hardest tasks/hated most), it is always wise to learn to love the things you cannot do away with – one of which is the laundry. It’s my ever recurring labor of love that I do for my family. I’m grateful enough that we have a fully automatic washer that makes laundry easy. Just dump, fill slots designated for laundry detergents and fabric conditioner and hang the clothes when washing is done.

If you will read back through old posts, I kind of take seriously this homemaking career I’ve been blessed with. Take for example my coming up with Easy Homemade Laundry Detergent. I’ve kind of tried concocting my own homemade fabric conditioner too but so far I’ve not come up with something better than Vernel.

Vernel antibac

Vernel Double Antibac in Lavender Scent

Reasons why I love Vernel:

  • Unlike most fabric conditioner available in the market, Vernel has no overpowering fragrance. While I love my clean clothes smelling good, my olfactory receptors are easily irritated by strong scents.
  • Vernel fabric conditioner doesn’t leave a residue in my washer’s fabric softener slot. A lot of other fab con brands leave residue which convinces me that some do have fillers. And if you haven’t looked it up – fillers in fabric conditioners damage washers.

  • Double Antimicrobial System
  • Fresh, light scented, made for hugging clothes, beddings and linens.
  • Economical. I would like to think that I’m a prudent steward of my household.
  • Effectively removes static cling from our clothes.
  • I can still use smell perfume. If I’d want heavy-scented clothes, I’d definitely buy my favorite scent and dab them on my piece of clothing. Having a fabric conditioner that reeks of lady perfume would make my boys smell girly and I definitely wouldn’t want that.

I believe we have the Germans to thank for coming up with an excellent fabric conditioner brand – Vernel. Excuse me as I go back to doing my second load of laundry. 🙂


One of My Weekly Mundane Things Called Laundry

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